Digital Strategy

Overarching digital and transformation strategies that identify and align marketing and digital activities to meet business objectives

Content & Channel Marketing Strategy

Establishing what content to send to specific customer segments through which channels

CRM & Customer Engagement Strategy

Customer identification and segmentation strategies that maximize engagement and conversion

Customer Journey Mapping

Using customer journey mapping techniques to identify customer pain points and business opportunities throughout customers’ lifecycles

Customer & Market Research

Combining quantitative and qualitative research techniques to understand customers and markets

UX Solution Design

Information architecture design including sitemaps, wireframes, prototype design, card sorting and user testing

Marketing Tech Strategy

Identification and specification of technology platforms and development of marketing technology stacks

Implementation Support

Providing technical, organisational and vendor selection support to ensure projects deliver on their strategic and business goals

Training & Mentoring

Training and mentoring on all aspects of strategic digital marketing and customer engagement for individuals and organisations



"Working with Zuni and Leap Insight has been a transformational journey for Asthma Australia and our end users. We have worked with Zuni and Leap Insights to gain deeper insights into the experiences of people with asthma and their carers, and understand more about the role played by the broader community, and healthcare professionals in supporting them. We’ve used a range of tools to help us with this robust knowledge – including our staff and their knowledge, existing research and program evaluations, quantitative surveys, UX research and deep ethnographic research. Zuni and Leap Insight have always approached our projects with a fit for purpose mindset – taking into consideration our context, resourcing and budget, and always go above and beyond to support us in delivering the work. Zuni have provided strategic backbone support to the Asthma Australia team on a digital transformation program and have been instrumental in leading the development of our Children & Young People strategy. The culmination of this work has led to a partnership with the Hunter Medical Research Institute and funding from the Medical Research Futures Fund to financially support the implementation of a Guided Asthma Self Support Service ensuring people can access personalised health information at scale – a potential game changer for asthma in Australia.” 

Kathy Packenas

Director - Customer and Marketing

“Zuni’s supported strategy approach was perfect the perfect blend of strategic support combined with cost effective use of in-house resource. The process allowed us to ensure that our strategy was developed on a foundation of research and customer insight, and helped provide clarity about who our myriad audiences are, and what role digital channels play in our interaction with them. It also ensured we built consensus across the business, talking into account the wide range of diverse needs of the various different operating divisions.  The strategy has been embraced by senior leadership at TasPorts, and we’re excited about getting board approval to start implementation. The team at Zuni have been great to work with, ensuring the project evolved as needed to suit our requirements and provided great input and expertise all the way through the process.”

Alex McKeand

Manager Communications

"We had the highest member satisfaction scores and NPS in our history yet more and more of our members were leaving us. Zuni dissected our data and also delved into the minds of  our people to shine a new light on the problem we were actually solving for. This strong research-based approach gave our member and employer engagement a laser focus through a great implementation plan and actionable programs. It also enabled far better organisational strategic planning towards realising our vision for our members. I would be very happy to recommend them to any business needing a member-insights led strategy that will deliver better business outcomes."  

Stefan Strano 

CEO – Club Plus Super

“Collaboration with Zuni to develop our digital strategy has enabled our organization to not only produce the most relevant solution moving forward but to also fully understand the strategy development process and consequently upskill key internal staff members. We now have a commonly understood strategy and set of goals and objectives that we all understand at both a business and a tactical level. The audience definitions and user journeys we created have given us valuable insights into our stakeholders. These insights have resulted in much more targeted and effective communications resulting in better business outcomes”    

Sharon Morris

CEO – Mother’s Day Classic Foundation

“Having seen Zuni present at the Adobe Conference around the same time as we were reviewing ways of developing customer journeys for our advisers, we decided to get them to assist us in the project. Their collaborative workshop approach as well as their experience in breaking down a large undefined task into clear and defined next steps helped us rapidly progress the project and allowed us to deliver great visual journey maps that still met the tight timelines of the merger project. We have had extremely positive internal feedback on both the process and the final maps and they are being used by a number of different departments to enhance customer understanding and develop a customer centric culture within the business.  Zuni’s mix of strategic understanding, project flexibility and high level of attention to detail has produced great outcomes, and we’re looking forward to working with them on the next stage of creating digital transformation solutions to some of the challenges identified in the journeys.“

Sylvia Kim

National Digital Strategy and Program Manager

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