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The Customer Journey Mapping Myth: Why You Should Start with What You Know

“Theory tells us that customer journey mapping starts with customer research. We disagree. Our experience tells us that it is better to build assumptive maps first, based on what the business knows, and shaped by their goals and current knowledge, before heading out to the customer to get their perspective.”

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What is Customer Journey Mapping?

“Understanding how customers interact with a company’s digital assets is vital to developing a strong digital strategy and the process of developing a customer journey map ensures that any digital strategy is customer centric and linked back to the needs of your target audience.”

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Don’t forget these key steps if you want to develop useful and usable customer journey maps

“There is much more to a customer journey map than a pretty picture depicting a  series of actions. Useful ones are time consuming, resource intense and expensive to create, but they are pivotal to creating customer centricity across an organisation and its marketing or business strategy.”

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