Digital Strategy

Overarching digital and transformation strategies that identify and align marketing and digital activities to meet business objectives

Whilst almost all businesses have some form of activity in the online space, it can be disconnected, sporadic and fragmented – with emails being sent, websites running and social activity being conducted with little cohesive planning about how it all works together to drive business objectives.

We work with clients to create a digital strategy plan that pulls together all aspects of digital and links them to the key business objectives and other offline activity. Once this strategy is developed, we work closely with clients to bring this to life and measure its success.

We have extensive experience developing digital strategy that makes a difference, and have refined our approach and tools to ensure we can provide the optimum strategic input for a wide variety of client sizes, industries and budgets.

Our Process

The starting point for all digital strategy work is to understand the key requirements and capabilities of the business. This ensures that all digital activity and strategy is anchored to KPI’s that deliver overall business success.

A central piece of our digital strategy development process is customer journey mapping, which allows us to understand how a client’s customers goes about solving their problems through the use of digital (and other) channels. This ensures our recommended strategic solutions are consumer centric, whilst aligning with the key business objectives of the business.


Our Scope

We work with clients to develop a range of strategic approaches, including broad cross-business digital transformation strategies that encompasses all aspects of a business, through to channel strategies, for example an email / CRM strategy, as well as strategies around a specific objective, for example launching a new product or increasing online sign-ups.