Training and mentoring on…

all aspects of strategic digital marketing and customer engagement for individuals and organisations

The world of customer experience and digital marketing is a rapidly changing landscape. With 20+ years of experience, Zuni provides a range of digital training and education solutions to help marketers up-skill in vital areas. We deliver training courses for industry bodies like ADMA and the FIA, and run in-house bespoke courses for our clients. We lecture first, second and third year courses at Higher Education levels, and offer one-on-one mentoring sessions for senior marketers and management.

We blend our experience in digital training and our up-to-date knowledge of the digital space with scenarios from our real world experience. This ensures what we teach is instantly applicable and useable by attendees. 

We deliver a wide range of training, from general introductory courses, in depth workshops on specific topics and channels, through to highly tailored training specific to a particular industry or challenge. Our current courses include email marketing, data and digital analytics, social media marketing, buyer behaviour, and customer journey mapping.

Zuni also runs consultative one-on-one sessions with senior staff delivering highly customised digital training and advice, skills assessment and plans for filling knowledge gaps, and providing frameworks for making decisions about digital challenges.