Mike Zeederberg - MAnaging Director

Zuni is an independent Strategy Consultancy, based in Sydney, but working across Australia.

We specialise in using customer journey maps, validated through customer research, to help companies create customer centric strategies that achieve their business objectives. We then work with our clients to determine the best implementation approach, and support them as they implement the strategy. 

We are customer-journey-map evangelicals. We use the deep insights that sit inside the business, and validate them with customer and voice of the consumer research, to create journey maps that form the basis of customer centric strategies that meet both the needs of the business and the customer.

Without a reliance on digital development for revenue, Zuni provides businesses with through-the-line strategy that is free from production bias, and focuses on delivering on outcomes for the client, rather than production revenue for the agency. We work with the client’s internal teams or agencies, or provide guidance on production partners that best suit the business’ unique needs. This means we provide businesses with the somewhat rare opportunity to think about their business, and the variety of channels they can operate in, holistically and from the perspective of customer needs and business objectives.

Within our team we have a diverse variety of skills – including technical knowledge, market research, facilitation & training, marketing, brand and business strategy.


Sharlene Zeederberg - Research Director

In our 12 years in business, we’ve worked across all sectors including government and not-for-profit, business to business, and business to consumer. We work with a broad range of blue chip clients across different industries – from financial to pharma, automotive to entertainment, consumer goods to membership based organisations, tourism and utilities.

Zuni is owned by digital and strategy specialist Mike Zeederberg. Mike has spent his career helping businesses unlock the potential to be customer centric that digital technology advances provides. In addition to overseeing ad-hoc strategic projects, Mike runs training and education courses in digital marketing, customer journey mapping and digital transformation at both industry (ADMA, FIA) and educational settings (University of Sydney, TAFE). Mike also works as a mentor and long term digital partner to high level executives as they guide their businesses through strategic transformation.

Sharlene has over 25 years of research and consumer behaviour experience, including inside two of the world’s biggest FMCG companies, and understands firsthand the power of being consumer centric, and the importance of conducting research within the context of the business’s objectives. Sharlene oversees the research needs of all our projects, using qualitative and quantitative research to uncover insights and opportunities that allow organisations to connect better with their customers and bring them into the heart of their businesses.