Sydney Opera House

Marketing Technology Reboot

Project Description

The Sydney Opera House has an extensive array of marketing technology, including the Adobe Marketing Cloud, and with a number of the contracts coming to an end, SOH wanted to ensure they have the right mix of technologies, people and capabilities to deliver the best possible outcomes for the House. Through a rigorous tender process, SOH selected Zuni to work with them to assess the current technology installed, and recommend a mar-tech roadmap for the future, including a business case and implementation plan.

What we did

Zuni engaged with a wide range of Opera House stakeholders, including marketing, IT, ticketing and customer experience teams to develop a detailed list of business requirements for the marketing technology stack. We documented all the current systems and platforms, and worked with the stakeholders to understand any issues in the workflows, functionality and system capabilities.

Zuni then worked with a wide range of experts and vendors to develop a number of different mar-tech scenarios, exploring a variety of options and determining the relative strengths and weaknesses of each. These were refined through an agile process in close collaboration with a range of stakeholders within SOH. Implementation plans and detailed costings were prepared for the key scenarios, which were refined and reviewed by SOH’s leadership teams, and have been approved to form the basis of a robust tender process for the implementation of a solution.