Bespoke Training in Digital Marketing

As businesses go through a digital transformation, the area of digital competency and skills development becomes paramount. Zuni’s training and educational expertise allows us to develop custom training in digital marketing which best meet the needs of the individual business. From one hour lunch and learn sessions, to three month skills gap development programs, Zuni can provide an affordable and tailored solution for your teams. 

Some examples of our work include: 

Pharmaceutical Client – Portal Critique Workshop, 2 Hour Training in Digital Marketing Workshop

Review of the client owned portal analytics, identifying opportunities to improve the overall efficient and efficacy of the portal for the HCP community. This included review of functionality and gaining buy-in from marketing teams.




Australia’s Largest National Real Estate Aggregator – Digital Introduction, 1 Day Training in Digital Marketing Interactive Classroom

Touring each state office across Australia, this 1 day interactive training in digital marketing was executed for all residential and commercial sales and marketing teams. The training brought all attendees up to the same level of digital understanding and competency in order to close the skills gap at a basic level.



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Pharmaceutical Client – Mobile Empowerment, 1 Day Digital Training Interactive Workshop

Workshop facilitation with stakeholders to develop a framework structure for a mobile strategy. The workshop’s aim was to assist the brand marketers in developing an Australian-based strategy, ensuring all business units and brands are represented in the outputs.




Healthcare Client – Your Life Online As An Employee, 1 Hour Training in Digital Lunch & Learn

To bring the incoming Standard Operation Procedures to the forefront of employees’ minds to consider their every day actions in the social media space and the impact of their actions both personally and professionally.

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