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As CMOs, Heads Of, and Digital Directors develop initiatives for the business and teams to execute, it’s important to provide a sounding board for these leaders when it comes to digital innovation and sense checking. To that end, Zuni provide digital mentoring and facilitating for this audience.

Zuni provides one-on-one digital mentoring and coaching services, intended to address a particular need identified by our clients. Otherwise, we offer regularly scheduled sessions to keep key staff up to date with the latest thinking and research in all things digital.

We also provide facilitation for clients, giving them a structured and guided framework to help them overcome their team related challenges. As digital experts, our facilitation is unbiased and breaks down challenging silos or political positioning within businesses.


 Some examples of our work include:

Pharmaceutical Client – eMarketing Strategy Facilitation, 1 Day Interactive Workshop

To facilitate a workshop with stakeholders to develop the eMarketing strategy for the business. The approach to use an external facilitator that understood the business units and requirements allowed an objective facilitation. This ensured that all participants had an equal voice.

Entertainment Client – One On One Digital Mentoring, Fortnightly and Bi-Monthly

To provide senior executives in the business to sound out ideas and hear first hand trends in digital and technology translated into business insights. This ensures the newly restructured senior team are fully abreast of current thinking in the area and stay aware of new developments. The digital mentoring also informed, inspired and unified the broader relevant teams of staff as the business embraces the rapidly growing digital aspects of its future.

 National Roads and Motorists’ Association – Digital Mentoring and Coaching, Monthly


Mike has been actively involved in the National Roads and Motorists’ Association Digital Steering Committee for several years. Mike’s presence in this Committee means he can bring this digital expertise to the working group, identifying opportunities and pitfalls as ideas are raised and presented.

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