Engagement Optimisation

Most businesses have some sort of external facing digital activity going on; there could be a website, a social media page or two (or many), and an ad hoc email newsletter, etc. However, all this activity carries questions; why do we have it? what is it doing for our business? who is looking at it? what money are we making from it? when should we be adding content? what can we do to improve its efficiency? and so on. These questions are at the heart of engagement optimisation.

Engagement optimisation is assessing how digital is currently being used to engage with the audience and creating a plan to do it better. The process includes evaluating current activity, reviewing what else is happening in the market, exploring channel options, understanding how content is being used, and in some cases, undertaking audience research.

Engagement optimisation is generally an iterative process, with changes and improvements being recommended right from the start of the project and successive improvements made as the project continues. There are often numerous parallel streams of work involved, with areas like KPI measurement and reporting being developed and improved alongside changes to website structure, content, email segmentation and other similar activities.

Case Study

ABC Music: Analytics Review and Recommendations

ABC Music is Australia’s largest independent record label. It has been in existence for around 40 years and has a massive catalogue of recordings across various genres. ABC Music is currently in the process of moving its entire catalogue online.

We have been working together in a partnership since 2010 to ensure that ABC Music stays ahead of the ‘digital’ pack and optimises all of its customer touch points in such a way that sets them apart from their competitors.

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Engagement Optimisation

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