Digital Implementation

Implementing a digital strategy can be a daunting task. And it goes well beyond the simple technical build of a new website or design of a new email template.

We work alongside our clients to bring a strategy to fruition, providing hands on assistance in areas of expertise such as user experience, information architecture and wireframing. We also provide general expert consultancy to ensure the project stays on track.

We work closely with our clients to plan project management and project structure, which can include:
    •   Establishing and setting up reporting and KPIs
    •   Usability testing
    •   Development of processes, policies, and governance

We also work with our clients to implement the change management needed for successful digital implementation across all levels of an organisation.

The best strategy is worth nothing if it isn’t implemented well. By working closely with our clients in digital implementation we ensure the strategy is brought to life in a way that delivers effectively for the business.

Functional Specifications

Functional specifications are generally written after the strategy is agreed, but before any technology or platform decisions are made. They provide a tangible, written outline where everyone in the business can agree how the technology should work functionally.

Zuni’s extensive experience in marrying business understanding with technology, along with our ability to speak both languages, ensures that the business strategy is seamlessly translated into the right implementation. Learn more                


Consumer Journey Maps

Customer journey mapping involves analysing each segment of your audience and outlining the stages and processes they go through in order to purchase your product or service.

A customer journey map will detail which channel they used at each stage, the customer mind set at each stage, and what content is required to move the customer through the purchase funnel. Learn more                                                                                                    


 IA & Wireframes

Zuni can work between you and the internal team developing your website or the external agency you source to do your development work. 

The strategy that sits behind the website is absolutely crucial. Zuni can produce the specifications that inform the developers of the essential elements and functions of your site. Learn more                                                  


Content Planning

A content plan dictates what you should say, to whom you should say it, and where it should be said. It condenses a significant amount of information and insights into an actionable plan for your on-the-ground-team to work with.

We work with clients to develop appropriate templates and frameworks for managing and developing a content plan that best suits the business. We also implement the processes needed to ensure the content plan is effectively developed, deployed, and measured across digital channels. Learn more                                 


Metrics and Measurement

A crucial aspect of digital activity and strategy is the ability to measure the outcomes of activity and use these metrics and measurements to improve and optimize activity over time.

Zuni develops metrics and measurements for implementation as part of the digital strategy development. We help identify which channels are likely to influence those objectives and how to “connect the dots”. Learn more


Implementation Roadmap

The best digital strategies are useless without implementation. And the process of translating the perfect strategy into a plan of work streams that can be activated, managed and measured can be complex.

At Zuni, we have extensive experience putting together implementation roadmaps and plans that can be immediately activated and implemented by the team and any required external parties.  Learn more


Data and CRM Planning

A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) strategy defines how we use various channels to engage with customer segments on an ongoing basis.

We’ll suggest the right technology to use for your CRM strategy. We’ll also teach you how to integrate that technology into your existing platforms, and how to manage those systems moving forwards. We can help create seamless integration between communication delivery, customers, supply chain management, and customer messaging. Learn More 



Contact Zuni to discuss your requirements and how we can best work with you to implement your digital marketing strategy.


Case Study

The Shepherd Centre: Website Specifications

Since 1970, The Shepherd Centre has been changing the face of services for children’s hearing loss in Sydney and wider NSW, as well as the ACT; providing children with hearing loss with the tools they need to learn to listen and speak. Our Early Intervention program is world-renowned for its results – more than 90 per cent of children with hearing loss who graduate from our program attend school with listening and language skills on par with those of their hearing peers.

TSC’s current website was deemed to be overly large with much repetition of content and not particularly focused to their target markets – families and hearing impaired children, health care professionals and financial donors

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The Northern Sydney Institute: Implementation planning for the Northern Sydney Institute, part of TAFE NSW

The Northern Sydney Institute, part of TAFE NSW, is one of Australia’s leading providers of vocational training and tertiary education. They offer an extensive range of TAFE courses, higher education degrees, university pathway programs and short courses to suit all walks of life.

View this case study »
Digital Implementation

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