Zurich Financial Services

Customer journey and process mapping and service design to support Zurich brand and product acquisitions

About the client

Zurich Financial Services is one of Australia’s largest insurance underwriters. Zurich has experience significant growth over the last few years by acquiring additional insurance brands off retail banks – specifically OnePath from ANZ and Macquarie Life brands from Macquarie Bank.

These additional brands and products had significant variations in the way they acquire and manage customers. In order for Zurich to run an efficient service for customers and financial advisors it needed to streamline and unify front and backend processes creating a more cohesive and effective B2B2C experience.


Approach and solution

In order to unify processes Zurich needed clear and detailed documentation of how the processes differed from end to end. There was also an opportunity to research how advisors typically deal with their own customers and how Zurich could support them better.

Zuni used the following co-design project approach to deliver on the above requirements

  • Group workshops and reviews of existing documentation to define actions customers and advisors take and how these are supported by backend staff and systems
  • Qualitative and quantitative research was then conducted to identify issues and pain points with advisors and customers. Quantitative research with customers included Zurich’s own customers as well as customers of other competing brands
  • Creating draft designs and documentation that was assessed and amended through additional workshops
  • Final documents along with recommendations for improved service design were completed and presented through to all senior project stakeholders

The journeys that Zuni created covered both front and back stage interactions and processes and identified pain points and solution opportunities for both internal systems and customer experiences. The customer journeys included:

  • New business journeys through independent financial advisers, online insurance aggregators and directly through banks
  • Admin and cover change processes
  • Claims processes
  • Overall lifecycles – from acquisition through retention touch points and interactions and ending in exit reasons and potential win back opportunities.

All journeys were backed up with extensive customer quantitative and qualitative research to validate and quantify each stage of the journeys, their associated drivers, current frustrations and to test potential solutions.


The journey maps and service design recommendations were used as central documents throughout the mergers between the new brands. They clearly identified and demonstrated variances and solutions to staff members across a wide array of disciplines (marketing/sales, IT, project management, operations and internal communications) within the organisation.

The insights and information provided by these documents were also heavily leveraged by sales and marketing teams to provide better experiences for new and existing customers.