Marketing Tech Strategy.

Identification and specification of optimal and appropriate technology platforms and  marketing technology stacks

Integrated technology is one of the most important parts of the way we conduct business each day. Zuni specializes in helping you find the best marketing technology to achieve your marketing goals. We believe that the best marketing technology is integrated through out your full digital strategy. To Zuni, Marketing technology strategy specifically refers to the plan and approach your business takes in order to optimize various technologies in your marketing efforts. Typically, it involves the strategic integration of technology tools, platforms, and systems to achieve your businesses marketing objectives and enhance overall performance. 

We work with clients to develop plans and approaches that fine-tune existing marketing tech, ensuring that their digital strategy is optimised to its full potential, and implement new tech that works best for your business.

Where a client already has a digital strategy that has been implemented, our role is to evaluate its current effectiveness and determine where it can be improved and optimised. We do this through a range of analytics techniques, both doing a deep dive into existing reporting tools as well as utilising additional tools that can help provide insight and expose areas that can be digitally optimised. 
Overall, marketing technology strategy is about leveraging the right mix of technology tools and processes to drive your business’s marketing effectiveness, enhance your customer’s experiences, and achieve your business objectives through full marketing integration.