Understand more about how your customers use digital

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Find out how Zuni can help you better understand your audience and optimise your engagement.



Understand more about how people are using your existing assets, and optimise their pathways through your site 

Understand your audience better and the journey they take to buy your stuff

Use your data to inform what messages you send to whom and what the outcomes are 


Case Study

ABC Music: Analytics Review and Recommendations

ABC Music is Australia’s largest independent record label. It has been in existence for around 40 years and has a massive catalogue of recordings across various genres. ABC Music is currently in the process of moving its entire catalogue online.

We have been working together in a partnership since 2010 to ensure that ABC Music stays ahead of the ‘digital’ pack and optimises all of its customer touch points in such a way that sets them apart from their competitors.

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Understand more about how your customers use digital

Australian Institute of Management: Monthly Performance Reporting

The Australian Institute of Management (AIM) is Australia’s largest management organisation and delivers a range of services to both its members and the broader Australian management community. These include running a range of training courses, events and conferences for both members and non-members, a library and bookshop (both online and offline) and specific services for members. 

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Understand more about how your customers use digital

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