CRM & Customer Engagement Strategy is…

Identifying your customer and segmentation strategies that maximize engagement and conversion

 A CRM strategy defines how you use various channels to engage with your customer segments on an ongoing basis attempting to optimise their movement through the sales process or through the engagement funnel. It outlines what types of messages to send to which audiences through what channels to deliver the required business outcomes.  And how the various channels interact with each other. 

At the beginning of this millennium Gartner reported that 50% of CRM programmes were failing to meet expectations.  The story went that there existed an emphasis on technology and an absence of Customer Relationship Management strategy.  A decade later and little has changed, we still see clients in situations where software dictates strategy, or where the current Customer Relationship Management system being used does not have the functionality needed to cope with the business objectives. At Zuni we also very often find that the Customer Relationship Management system adopted by the company is not being used to its full capabilities.  

Customer Relationship Management systems are such powerful tools that they not only build customer loyalty and encourage customer retention, they can be one of the key vehicles enabling you to meet your business objectives. So often though, Customer Relationship Management is a standalone system rather than being a fully integrated tool in your business arsenal.  

For example, you may have a Communication Strategy with certain messages being delivered to certain customer segments at different times. At Zuni we can help by suggesting the right sort of technology to use for your Customer Relationship Management strategy and how to integrate that technology into your existing platforms, we also advise on how to manage those systems moving forwards. We can help create seamless integration between communication delivery, customers, supply chain management and customer messaging. 

If your CRM is not delivering, chances are you don’t have a comprehensive Customer Relationship Management strategy or your CRM needs to be updated, used to its full potential or properly integrated into your other systems.

If you do have an existing Customer Relationship Management strategy when was the last time you reviewed that strategy to ensure it is still a perfect fit with our changing customer behaviours and channels?