Content & Channel Marketing is…

Establishing what content to send to specific customer segments through which channels

A content strategy is the strategy behind the creation and publication of great, useable content that can be utilised across one or many channels. A content marketing strategy is the marketing and distribution of that content to attract or engage a particular audience or customer.

At Zuni we find so many companies are producing online content but few companies have a robust content strategy and content marketing strategy.  Some of the common mistakes we see companies make is that they start to produce content without a clear strategy and they begin to post that content in social media and wonder why they can’t see the clear ROI for both the content and the social media presence.

It is essential even before entering into the social media space to create a compelling content strategy and content marketing strategy.

At Zuni we work with clients to first understand their audience and why their buyers consume their content. If you are not producing interesting or relevant content, how can you expect your customers to share that content or continue to interact? We also help clients to understand the importance of consistency in content production/ frequency and we assist with strategies for streamlining the production of the content to get better ROI. 

And of course the business objectives are paramount, rather than simply creating content for social media or the company website, what are the specific KPI’s? We make sure these are clearly defined and at the centre of our clients content and content marketing strategy.  At Zuni we also assist with the right metrics and measurement tools, to test and analyse the content in order to ensure that our client is meeting the business objectives and getting the right ROI.

Content strategy and content marketing strategy is often Zuni’s starting point before we begin a Social Media Strategy.