Kathy Packenas

“Working with Zuni and Leap Insight has been a transformational journey for Asthma Australia and our end users. We have worked with Zuni and Leap Insights to gain deeper insights into the experiences of people with asthma and their carers, and understand more about the role played by the broader community, and healthcare professionals in supporting them. We’ve used a range of tools to help us with this robust knowledge – including our staff and their knowledge, existing research and program evaluations, quantitative surveys, UX research and deep ethnographic research. Zuni and Leap Insight have always approached our projects with a fit for purpose mindset – taking into consideration our context, resourcing and budget, and always go above and beyond to support us in delivering the work. Zuni have provided strategic backbone support to the Asthma Australia team on a digital transformation program and have been instrumental in leading the development of our Children & Young People strategy. The culmination of this work has led to a partnership with the Hunter Medical Research Institute and funding from the Medical Research Futures Fund to financially support the implementation of a Guided Asthma Self Support Service ensuring people can access personalised health information at scale – a potential game changer for asthma in Australia.”