Digital channel strategy and ecommerce site requirements, specifications and in-house customer journey training

About the client

The iconic Tasmanian boot brand, Blundstone was growing rapidly in the US market and required a cohesive digital channel strategy to manage the brand locally and internationally across both work and safety and lifestyle market segments.

Blundstone also recognized the need to upskill their internal staff on consumer centric design processes so they could better manage content delivery to markets moving forward.

Approach and solution

Zuni and Blundstone elected to run the project through a consumer centric co-design approach. This involved a series of in-house workshops (Australia and US teams) to define the different types of customers the brand needed to engage with, and understand the journeys they take to identify needs and select appropriate products. The journeys we created were channel neutral in that they focused on the behaviors and decisions consumers make from their perspectives as opposed to the channels that Blundstone expects to engage in.

From these journeys we created a set of content and messaging requirements across all relevant identified digital channels. This provided the backbone of the digital strategy by ensuring that all channels worked together across the consumer journeys.

In order to create a buying process as frictionless as possible for the US market Zuni conducted extensive UX research into how other comparable brand sites manage product and brand content as well as shopping cart functionality. Analysis of the best content and functional components from those sites over laid with Blundstone’s unique brand attributes ensured a user experience that is intuitive for users to navigate and provides enough content to meet their needs.

Zuni created full website requirements and specifications including information architecture and wireframes.

On the back of this project, Zuni conducted further formal onsite training to get staff up to speed with broader consumer centric design principles and customer journey mapping skills.


Blundstone used both the digital channel strategy and the specific website requirements to tender for suppliers to build new sites for the Australian and US markets.

Adobe, the selected implementation partner, described the RFP process as being one of the best run they have dealt with due in no small part to the documentation that Zuni created.

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