Technology platform reviews and recommendations

About the client

Commonwealth Bank Health Society was created to ensure that CBA employees had access to affordable private health care. Since then, they’ve grown into one of the largest member-owned health funds in Australia with over 200,000 members.

As part of a broad digital first member experience and new member acquisition project CBHS had identified the need to redevelop their existing website and customer portal as well as source a more flexible and easier to use booking system for managing client events.

CBHS contracted ZUNI to review CMS platforms and booking management systems to compare and potentially replace the systems they were currently using.

Approach and solution

Zuni reviewed all CBHS’s existing requirements documentation relevant to content management systems and event booking functionality. Zuni also reviewed all other internal CBHS systems including the planned extension of their Salesforce CRM and Marketing Cloud implementations.

Once this initial fact finding had been achieved, Zuni ran a series of workshops with a range of staff in CBHS to clarify technical, usability, support and cost requirements for the platforms under review. Through this process it became clear that CBHS didn’t just require standard CMS functionality but also required the additional functionality that Digital Experience Platforms provide to better tailor content to different types and members and prospects. CBHS also required a ‘headless’ CMS to manage content more effectively across multiple channels.

Based on the revised requirements, Zuni created formal score cards for CMS/DXP and event management systems and reviewed a range of platforms.

Review categories within the score cards included:

  • Platform functionality
  • Ease of development and systems integration
  • Level of platform support available
  • The usability for both end users and non-technical internal staff
  • Costs – setup, on-going support and licensing

Zuni presented recommendations and rationales to senior stakeholders through formal presentations that could also be circulated through the broader business.


CBHS senior staff came to a clear consensus on which platforms to move ahead with and a common understanding of the rationales behind those decisions. The documentation provided by Zuni allowed senior stakeholders to understand rationales at a high level and for both technical and tactical staff to get a more granular understanding through the detailed score card results and their inclusion in the requirements workshop processes.

By providing rationales and a range of options rather than just a single selection, CBHS was more able to continue to use the insights as requirements developed and changed.

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