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Young and Well CRC

Youth centred digital campaign strategy and delivery

About the Client

Zuni are a key partner in an ambitious five year research study, Safe and Well Online (SWO) which brings together leading Australian academics from major universities including the University of South Australia, University of Western Sydney and Queensland University of Technology. SWO falls under the umbrella of the Young and Well CRC, which is a government- funded organisation aiming to explore the role of technology in the lives of young people, and how technology can be used to improve the mental health and wellbeing of young people aged 12 to 25. By delivering four online campaigns promoting respect among young people, the research study will uncover whether social marketing messages can affect real behaviour change amongst young people.

Challenge, Approach & Solution

Zuni has developed the overarching digital strategy to support the study, including the development of an innovative online system that assesses real online behaviour amongst a research group.  Zuni also works with media and creative partners as well as developing campaign strategy for the project, while acting as overall project manager for Safe and Well Online.

Following the successful delivery of the program’s first online campaign ‘Keep it Tame’ in November 2012, Zuni continues to develop campaign strategy for a further upcoming three campaigns to be delivered by 2015.

Zuni delivered:

  • Overarching digital strategy for the research study
  • Partnership working to develop an innovative online data system to assess real online behavior amongst the research group
  • Campaign strategy for 2012 ‘Keep it Tame’ social marketing campaign
  • Media planning and buying to support campaign
  • Advice/consultancy on strategic approach through campaign execution phase
  • Future involvement in campaign strategy for three upcoming campaigns to be delivered by 2015
Youth centred digital campaign strategy and delivery


  • Keep it Tame display ads delivered 14,300,000 impressions targeting young people aged 12-18
  • This online advertising generated a click through rate of 0.43%, well above industry average (0.07)
  • Almost 12k unique visitors visited the Keep it Tame campaign site during the campaign period
  • Almost 500 young people have taken part in the research study so far

Refenence Links

Zuni brought to life the SOSO brand in 2007 with NAPCAN and were instrumental in the inclusion of the campaign within the Safe & Support research stream for the YAW-CRC. 

Zuni have brought their extensive digital strategy & media experience together to develop an overarching strategy focused around using the digital channels to deliver youth-oriented marketing communications. This includes the development of a youth access framework, allowing all 72 partners to leverage the media relationships and social networks to communicate with young people.

Their extensive knowledge of the digital space, experience in how youth are interacting in those spaces and the cutting edge technologies that young people engage with every day, places Zuni in the primary position of leading messaging priorities, media positioning, creative execution and the longitudinal research which will underpin the effectiveness of the campaign activities over the next 5 years.

Zuni are extremely capable digital strategists who are competent in dealing with multiple stakeholders (including government, media publishers & CRC partners), demonstrating creative excellence and most of all, able to deliver results & outcomes that impact young people.

We’re delighted to have Zuni as one of our Supporting Partners and would highly recommend them to anyone seeking first class digital strategy.”

If you’re interested in speaking to Zuni about this case study and how we could help your business, please get in touch.

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