The Shepherd Centre

Industry: Government/Non-profit
Services: Consumer Journey Maps , Functional Specifications , IA & Wireframes
The Shepherd Centre

Website Specifications

About the Client

Since 1970, The Shepherd Centre has been changing the face of services for children’s hearing loss in Sydney and wider NSW, as well as the ACT; providing children with hearing loss with the tools they need to learn to listen and speak. Our Early Intervention program is world-renowned for its results – more than 90 per cent of children with hearing loss who graduate from our program attend school with listening and language skills on par with those of their hearing peers.

TSC’s current website was deemed to be overly large with much repetition of content and not particularly focused to their target markets – families and hearing impaired children, health care professionals and financial donors

Challenge, Approach & Solution

Zuni worked with TSC to define user journeys for all the defined user groups. These journeys were then used to identify a broad set of website requirements.

Formal surveys were developed for each target group to understand what kinds of information and functionality would be useful to them.

An open card sorting exercise was done across the target markets to establish how the sites intended users would expect the content to be grouped and gain an understanding of the language they use.

An overall site map was then developed followed by detailed wire frames and supporting documentation.


TSC now have a very clear set of requirements and information architecture to re-develop their site from.The documents delivered will provide design and development suppliers enough detailed information to quote and start the implementation process.

The overall structure of the new site fulfils all the content and functional requirements of the user groups within a simple and intuitive site framework.

TSC also have identified the full scope of content required for launch that can be compiled while the site is being built.

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