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The Northern Sydney Institute

The Northern Sydney Institute’s Content Strategy

About the Client

The Northern Sydney Institute, part of TAFE NSW, is one of Australia’s leading providers of vocational training and tertiary education. They offer an extensive range of TAFE courses, higher education degrees, university pathway programs and short courses to suit all walks of life.

Challenge, Approach & Solution

Zuni have worked with the Northern Sydney Institute, part of TAFE NSW, to develop and define a content strategy to engage with audiences across digital channels in the most effective way. The content strategy looked at online channel roles, providing a working template for all marketing coordinators to manage their ideation, publishing schedule organisational requirements.

The goal for this project was to create an overall content framework that all relevant staff could use to plan and publish consumer centric content for prospective and current students.

In order to establish this framework we worked closely with the NSI marketing team to identify who the relevant audience segments were, what the consumer journeys looked like (from awareness through to studying and eventual advocacy) and a full review of all current digital assets (website, blogs, email comms and social media channels).

Workshops were run to establish formal journeys for both full time and part time students. Previously documented audience segments were matched back to these journeys to establish audience needs at each phase.

Zuni took these findings and developed a set of “content pillars” that matched back to audience and journey requirements. These pillars articulated the strategic intent, from the Institute’s perspective, and information value, from customers’ perspectives, of content within specific journey phases.

Once these “pillars” were agreed upon, a full set of content themes was developed for each pillar including topics, audience targeting and relevant channels.

Zuni also developed a work flow process to allow all relevant the Institute’s faculty staff, stakeholders and marketing people to generate relevant ideas and translate these into publishing schedules that meet all of the identified communication objectives identified across the customer journeys.


The Northern Sydney Institute received a fully documented structure with content themes for full time and part time students from awareness through to studying and eventual post graduate advocacy of the Institute.

Plans and objectives for relevant digital channels were also delivered. These plans articulated specific audience groups and communication objectives for each channel.

A structured content development template allowing faculty staff to generate content ideas, organize those ideas into a cohesive yearly planner and brief in the marketing department to schedule in relevant resourcing to manage, produce and publish the content.

We engaged Zuni to deliver a content strategy for more effective engagement with our audiences across digital channels. The strategy that Zuni delivered provided us with a clear line of sight as to what messaging was required, in which channels, for each phase of our customer journeys.

The strategy also delivered a working planning and production template enabling us to crowd source content ideas, evaluate these ideas based on formalised engagement principles and ultimately deliver detailed publishing schedules by both channel and faculty.

Along with the strategy and production templates we also received a detailed implementation plan identifying what we need to do from organisational, technology and training standpoints to deliver effective and compelling content.

– all in all a job very well done!

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