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Suncorp Bank

Content Strategy, Content Planning and Consumer Journey Maps

About the Client

Suncorp Bank is Australia’s leading regional bank and part of the Suncorp Group. It was founded on 1902 and has been committed to helping grow regional communities and economies ever since.

Suncorp Bank customers have access to over 230 branches, agencies and Business Banking Centres across Australia and over 2,200 ATMs free of charge

Challenge, Approach & Solution

Suncorp was looking for the best way to use digital channels to sell home loans. They needed to develop an omnichannel digital content strategy to ensure that the right content was delivered to the right customer at the right point in their journey towards purchase.

Zuni broke down the project into two parts:

1. Understanding Suncorp’s target audience.
      Several techniques were used to this end:

  • Analysis of existing research
  • Website Analytics
  • Focus Groups

2. User journey, touchpoints and content triggers at each stage
      At this stage, the company worked on:

  • Digital Diary tracking
  • Major audience segmentation and personas

After analysing the results, Zuni focused on developing outputs that could be used by managers and operational staff alike. Rather than creating a 200-slide presentation that would be stored and forgotten, we chose to deliver a series of spreadsheets containing very practical information that staff can refer to on an ongoing basis. These documents included:

  • 4 key consumer profiles and respective customer journeys.
  • 40 different types of content required.
  • Guidelines on how to best approach each type of content on 8 key channels.
  • Guidelines defining the level of support required for each type of content (eg. video, tools, pdf, infographics, etc).
  • Recommendation about the tone, style and level of financial literacy that should be assumed when preparing each type of content. 
  • How to make the best use of third party content. 


Content Strategy, Content Planning and Consumer Journey Maps


Suncorp are in the process of implementing the content requirements to support their Home Loans customer journeys. Whilst we don’t yet have actual numbers to demonstrate the project success, when the client refers to your deliverables as “Content Christmas” you are confident they are happy with the outcome.

Zuni conducted a customer research project for us, which gave us a clear content strategy around what people are actually looking for on our website. Throughout the project, they were extremely collaborative, and knowledgeable. Their results have steered our future content development in a way that will truly benefit our web visitors demystifying a highly complex purchase process into something easy to understand.

If you’re interested in speaking to Zuni about this case study and how we could help your business, please get in touch.

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