Macquarie University

Industry: Education
Services: Channel Strategy , Content Strategy & Content Marketing Strategy , IA & Wireframes
Macquarie University

Student engagement platform for Macquarie University, Campus Life: Student engagement strategy, UX, design and implementation.

About the Client

Macquarie Uni engaged Zuni to develop a student engagement strategy. Macquarie University is one of Australia’s leading universities. Recognised for high-quality research and unique undergraduate and postgraduate courses. They are responsible for facilitating all non-academic activities that engage students on campus.


Challenge, Approach & Solution

Macquarie University were looking for a more effective way to engage with students through online channels, thereby encouraging them to participate more in campus activities and increase their satisfaction of University life. Active participation in non-academic activities has been shown to both improve the academic performance of students as well as provide the institute with additional revenue streams.

Zuni initiated this project by working with the Campus Life team to put together a student engagement strategy. This strategy revolved around the development of a digital platform that enabled students to be made aware of events and offers that are of interest and convenience to them. This includes finding out about clubs, requesting club membership and manage ongoing relationships with clubs they belong to. On the back of the overall strategy, Zuni helped put together a detailed set of requirements for the development of the Group Membership application – now called CheckIn.

Zuni worked with the development partner to develop a complete set of annotated wire frames to constitute the solution design requirements they needed to deliver the full product. Zuni also worked with both Macquarie University and the development partner to ensure the product delivered met the users’ expectations.

In parallel with development, Zuni delivered a longer term product roadmap, identifying what additional functional enhancements would be delivered on top of the launch product and when these would be released.

An additional contact strategy was also delivered to provide Macquarie University with a series of cross channel communications to students to ensure their ongoing engagement with the CheckIn platform.



Macquarie University now have a solid engagement platform that students can engage with to manage their relationships with non-academic activities. This platform provides full tracking of engagement so that Campus Life staff can both benchmark and measure ongoing engagement with clubs and groups.

Additionally, there is a good direction and list of tasks for Campus Life to move on, in terms of both platform development and ongoing communications with relevant students. The robust communication platform also allows Macquarie University to directly engage with club members and club managers. Zuni continue to provide consulting support on this project.

Since its launch in late 2014, the platform has had around 4,000 students join, with these numbers increasing as it gains traction. This figure represents approximately 10% of the total student population.

Zuni applied their meticulous process to the Macquarie University’s challenge of student engagement, and ensured that all the key stakeholders across the university were on-board. I would strongly recommend Zuni’s digital strategic capabilities and their ability to work closely with their clients to develop a strategic approach in that attempts to solve organisational problems.

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