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Developing a Customer Centric Digital Strategy

About the Client

Fuji Xerox Australia provides essential back-office support through its broad portfolio of document technology, services, software and supplies. FXA’s digital presence was fragmented and highly product centric, making it difficult for prospects and customers to find information and get in contact with FXA. 

Challenge, Approach & Solution

Zuni worked closely with FXA to develop detailed digital business requirements across all aspects of FXA’s business, aligning the objectives of different departments to ensure a digital platform that delivered across all aspects of the business. 

FXA’s current digital activity across all channels was examined in depth, with heat-maps, clickstream reporting and user flow analysis developed.

Detailed consumer research was also conducted, both quantitative by email, and qualitative through one-on-one interviews with a range of different clients. This provided insight and an empirical basis for developing the ideal digital solution and the business case to support its implementation. 

Developing a Customer Centric Digital Strategy



As part of the project process, a detailed business requirements matrix was delivered, along with  extensive insight into how the various target audiences use digital to interact with FXA. The digital asset review provided information that resulted in a number of “quick wins” being implemented whilst the project was still in progress. The final outcome of the project was a detailed digital strategy encompassing all aspects of FXA’s business, including a comprehensive business case  and a detailed implementation plan.


Currently there are no results available as the project is still in the process of implementation

Following the review of a number of agencies, Fuji Xerox Australia selected Zuni to assist in developing it’s overarching digital strategy across all the various divisions of the business.

Using their rigorous process, Zuni worked with stakeholders across the business to develop a comprehensive strategy for Fuji Xerox Australia that takes into account all the complexities of our business, including converging regional and strategies.

Zuni were especially attentive to managing cross-functional and cross-department team issues, and ensuring all the stakeholders were involved in the process – where issues arose, Zuni were extremely good at suggesting alternate methods or approaches that adjusted to evolving circumstances.

Following on from the delivery of the strategy, we have re-engaged Zuni to assist us in the implementation of their recommendations, both having them directly manage projects as well as getting them to advise us on internal projects. 

I would strongly recommend Zuni’s digital strategic capabilities, and their ability to help a large company put together a strong digital framework that closely links back to business objectives and requirements.


If you’re interested in speaking to Zuni about this case study and how we could help your business, please get in touch.

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