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CRC: Keep It Tame Case Study

About the Client

Zuni is a supporting Partner in the Young and Well CRC, a federal government initiative which unites young people with researchers, practitioners and innovators from over 70 partner organisations across the not-for-profit, academic, government and corporate sectors. The Young and Well CRC explores the role of technology in young people’s lives, and how technology can be used to improve the mental health and wellbeing of young people aged 12 to 25 and is established under the Australian Government’s Cooperative Research Centre’s programme.

Zuni, along with the University of Western Sydney, Queensland University of Technology and the University of South Australia are leading activities as part of the Safe and Supportive Research Program with the Safe and Well Online project responsible for developing and testing a program of online, youth-centered social marketing campaigns to promote young people’s safety and wellbeing online. Safe and Well Online was originally based on NAPCAN’s Smart Online, Safe Offline framework.

Over the last five years, we have strategically developed and executed four social campaigns. 

Challenge, Approach & Solution


We identified that social networks, alongside digital devices, are so integrated into young people’s ‘everyday’, that they essentially become an extension of themselves, and can be used to spread good or bad messages. It only takes a split second decision to share that photo, like that status or comment negatively for things to get out of control and become nasty.

Keep It Tame aims to help 12 to 18-year-old young people to learn about respect online and demonstrate to them that their online actions, although seemingly quick and meaningless, do matter and that there are tools available for them to stop disrespectful content from spreading.


Follow the journey of an animated creature, in interactive, flash display media placements.



See the Work


  • Over 32,000 visits to the website
  • Average visit lasted 1 min 52 seconds, indicating the majority of visitors watched the video narration in full
  • The campaign delivered over 4 times the average click-through rate for an online display campaign (industry average is 0.07%)
  • Download the Evaluation Report 

Overarching Safe and Well Online Report for all digital campaigns is now available here.

Zuni brought to life the SOSO brand in 2007 with NAPCAN and were instrumental in the inclusion of the campaign within the Safe & Support research stream for the YAW-CRC. 

Zuni have brought their extensive digital strategy & media experience together to develop an overarching strategy focused around using the digital channels to deliver youth-oriented marketing communications. This includes the development of a youth access framework, allowing all 72 partners to leverage the media relationships and social networks to communicate with young people.

Their extensive knowledge of the digital space, experience in how youth are interacting in those spaces and the cutting edge technologies that young people engage with every day, places Zuni in the primary position of leading messaging priorities, media positioning, creative execution and the longitudinal research which will underpin the effectiveness of the campaign activities over the next 5 years.

Zuni are extremely capable digital strategists who are competent in dealing with multiple stakeholders (including government, media publishers & CRC partners), demonstrating creative excellence and most of all, able to deliver results & outcomes that impact young people.

We’re delighted to have Zuni as one of our Supporting Partners and would highly recommend them to anyone seeking first class digital strategy.”

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