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Australian School of Business (ASB)

Social Media Strategy

About the Client

The Australian School of Business (ASB) is the biggest faculty within the UNSW comprising of 9 different schools, 9 research centres, 14,000 students, over 430 staff and more than 57,000 alumni.zuyni

ASB had a number of fragmented social media presences aimed across a range of diverse audience groups that suffered from low awareness, minimal audience engagement, and an overall lack of purpose. ASB required an overarching strategy that informed ASB perceptions, product structure and university choice decisions in a way that engaged the respective audiences.

Challenge, Approach & Solution

Zuni worked closely with 12 key stakeholder groups to produce a clear set of business requirements aligned to the ASB 2015 Vision and Strategy. To determine audience insights, we conducted quantitative and qualitative audience research, a literature review of existing audience research, comprehensive analysis of social media by the key demographics and identified case studies of best practice social media adoption by international universities.

The resulting social media strategy addressed the entire student journey. Specifically the strategy provided a framework for ASB to develop a relationship with prospective students prior to making their university choice, providing social utility to support the current student experience, and then creating a meaningful relationship context for professional network development built around business insights and knowledge.

The strategy provided an umbrella approach, channel plans across key audience groups, a framework for managing and monitoring social media activities and a recommendation on a dashboard tool.

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Zuni delivered:

  • Social media strategy covering three key audiences:
  • Prospective students
  • Current students
  • Alumni
  • Channel plans detailing how each audience should utilise the social media platforms relevant to their audience:
  • Blogs
  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Recommendations on how social media should be integrated into the ASB website
  • Recommendations on the use of mobile within a social media context
  • An implementation plan that provided:
  • Quick wins on existing presences
  • Recommendations on social media governance and resourcing
  • A roadmap detailing the individual projects and requirements to activate the social channels
  • Recommendations on performance metrics, gathering audience insights and tools for efficiently managing and          monitoring social media activities
  • An indication of the financial investment required for each element of the strategy

Results & Success

  • Clear understanding of the opportunity for social media to contribute to ASB business objectives
  • A framework for ASB schools, student clubs, academics and marketing teams to develop content for audience engagement that meets ASB standards
  • Current student mobile app adoption 
  • Social analytics 

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