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Australian Institute of Management

Monthly Performance Reporting

About the Client

The Australian Institute of Management (AIM) is Australia’s largest management organisation and delivers a range of services to both its members and the broader Australian management community. These include running a range of training courses, events and conferences for both members and non-members, a library and bookshop (both online and offline) and specific services for members. 

Challenge, Approach & Solution

Our work aims to not only measure and optimise what we can today, but works toward measuring new and more meaningful pieces of the digital puzzle in the future.

Zuni delivered monthly performance reporting to the key members of the AIM team on all of their digital touch points, primarily focusing on the website and eDM activity for over 12 months. The reporting included immediately actionable insights and visualised data to reinforce the outputs.

Zuni acted as digital partners and advisors to the AIM team in all of their online endeavours offering short/long term opportunities for them to explore to ensure they were ahead of the ‘digital pack.’


Monthly Performance Reporting


Zuni delivered:

  • Monthly performance reporting and presentation decks which identify insights and subsequent challenges/opportunities including immediate actionable quick wins for AIM to implement
  • Partnerships working together to develop a stronger online presence for AIM as a brand focusing on the website and eDM activity
  • Advice/consultancy on strategic approach as required


  • Based on improvements suggested to email marketing, and testing practices implemented, email engagement rates were markedly improved, and a process of continuous improvement was adopted.
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Zuni looked at all the disparate functions of AIM and developed an overarching strategy focused around using the digital channels to deliver value to AIM as a business. This included recommendations on technology structures and platforms as well as strategy and design.

Following on from the strategy delivery, AIM engaged Zuni to develop the front end of the web platforms, develop a detailed communications and social media strategy and to set up structures and templates for campaign work.

Zuni continues to work with us helping to keep the strategy on track, and improve how content is used, how we track all customer integrations and assist AIM to stay on top of the ever-changing digital landscape. 

Zuni are extremely capable digital strategists, and I’d recommend them to any organisation looking to develop a digital strategy across multiple products and functions, especially where a range of disparate stakeholders need to agree on a joint approach.

If you’re interested in speaking to Zuni about this case study and how we could help your business, please get in touch

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