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Australian Institute of Company Directors

Digital Strategy to Engage with Members

About the Client

The Australian Institute of Company Directors is an internationally-recognised, member-based, not-for-profit organisation for directors.  It aims to  provide leadership on director issues and promote excellence in governance to achieve a positive impact for the economy and society.

The  principal activities include education, conducting professional development programs and events for boards and directors; producing publications on director and governance issues, and developing and promoting policies on issues of interest to directors.  

Challenge, Approach & Solution

Two of the Institute’s senior marketing team attended a Digital Strategy course run by Zuni, and as a result, Zuni was asked to assist in the development of AICD’s digital strategy. Whilst it has strong engagement with it’s members offline, this engagement is primarily around the flagship education product of the Directors Course, and membership retention rates post the first year are a challenge. Digital was identified as key opportunity for better engaging with it’s member base, and the marketing team were tasked with developing a digital strategy to present to the board.

Rather than develop the entire strategy themselves, the Zuni team worked very closely with the key members of AICD, mentoring and assisting them as they followed the Zuni process and developed the strategy themselves. This included Zuni sitting in on stakeholder interviews, assisting with templates for surveys and reviews, and running workshops to develop concepts and ideas – however all documentation was done by the AICD team, with support and review from Zuni. This ensured high levels of ownership of the strategy, as well as facilitated skills transfer to the team within AICD. 

Digital Strategy to Engage with Members


One of the first elements was the piloting of targeted email communications, replacing the multiple broadcast emails for 2 key segments with highly crafted relevant content messages and specific product offers. The pilot delivered a click through to open rate increase of over 8.5%, but most importantly, both pilot groups had an increase of over 10% in spend compared to the control group over the period of the pilot. The approach is now being extended to the wider communications approach. 

As part of my role as Digital Marketing Manager, I am required to regularly produce a digital strategy which aligns to our organisational goals. I have completed a couple of these in the past, but I was not sure if I was following best practice. I faced some challenges, in terms of stakeholder buy-in and the overall impact that I wanted this strategy to have. 

My manager and I, both attended the Digital Marketing Strategy, 2 day course which was facilitated by Mike Zeederberg. We both found the course incredible useful and took away many practical learnings. My challenge was to use the learnings to complete a workable strategy for my business. For two months I continued to work with Mike to turn the theory into a reality. 

I was able to run-through my complex business structures, systems and process and Mike was able to simplify these into manageable and achievable chunks. Mike had the experience and expertise to provide guidance on the best strategy to move forward. He and the team at Zuni provided useful templates and ideas to address the challenges that I was faced. I was able to leverage from their experience in putting together digital strategies, so that I could avoid common pitfalls and achieve the most impactful strategy. Mike was also able to provide me with a starting point and an order of things to achieve the best possible strategy as a result. 

I completed my digital strategy on-time and within budget and I am very happy with the vision, objectives and the path that it has now set for us. 

I was delighted with the level of buy-in that I was able to achieve for the strategy, thanks to the guidance and advice provided by Mike. All of the organisation now knows about the strategy and the key decision makers have a sufficient level of buy-in to ensure that key projects are prioritised. I have been able to secure budget and resources to achieve my aim, at a much greater pace than I have been able to achieve in the past. 

It was an invaluable experience and I will continue to work with Mike to help to challenge my thinking and ensure that we achieve the best possible outcomes for my business.

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