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ABC Music

Analytics Review and Recommendations

About the Client

ABC Music is Australia’s largest independent record label. It has been in existence for around 40 years and has a massive catalogue of recordings across various genres. ABC Music is currently in the process of moving its entire catalogue online.

We have been working together in a partnership since 2010 to ensure that ABC Music stays ahead of the ‘digital’ pack and optimises all of its customer touch points in such a way that sets them apart from their competitors.

Challenge, Approach & Solution

Our work aims to not only measure and optimise what we can today, but also works toward measuring new and more meaningful pieces of the digital puzzle in the future.

Zuni has delivered monthly performance reporting for ABC Music team on all of their digital touch points (including Website, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and eDM activity) since March 2012. Our reporting includes actionable insights and visualised data, to give a concise snapshot of what’s happening with digital activities. We act as digital partners and advisors to the ABC Music team in all of their online endeavours.

Throughout the reporting cycles, Zuni identified individual opportunities and work streams for ABC Music to explore and implement. Zuni has delivered:

  • Monthly performance reporting and presentation decks which identify insights and opportunities 
  • Partnership working together to develop a stronger online presence for ABC Music as a brand including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Email and Website
  • Advice/consultancy on strategic approach as required


Analytics Review and Recommendations


  • Increased Facebook Page likes, engagement and reach dramatically
  • Increased engagement and traffic driven to the website from the Twitter account
  • Grown the branded Twitter account following by 150% organically which has exceeded expectations for the relative size of the company
  • Optimised the monthly email and one-off emails to ensure well above average open rates and CTR’s consistently every month
  • Website visitors and engagement has increased consistently

ABC Music has worked with Zuni a number of years now kicking off with a 2010 digital launch for a new album “Sometimes the Stars” release for the South Australian band, The Audreys. With a minimal digital spend using utilising an optimised media strategy, the highly targeted campaign achieved a staggering 1.36% CTR to purchase the album (industry average in 2010 was 0.07%).

Continuing on from the launch, Zuni developed a customer touchpoint strategy for us in 2011. This strategy saw Zuni take a deep dive into new audience research via an extremely successful incentivised survey in order to effectively identify the ways in which various audiences engage with the brand. By developing this strategy, Zuni has allowed us as a brand to really understand how we can personalise and optimise our digital communications with our customers so that it is a meaningful, memorable and aligns with business objectives.

Following implementation of the strategy, we worked together with Zuni, leveraging sound digital advice and review of our first Christmas solus eDM right from conception to end design. This eDM went on to be one of our best email sends with well above industry average open rates and click through rates.

As part of our ongoing relationship, Zuni continues their engagement with us with monthly performance reporting on all of our digital touch points which includes actionable insights and easy to understand data to reinforce it. Zuni brings to the table an in-depth knowledge of digital marketing in the social media, email and website space which result in them being able to provide us with broader industry trends and relevant opportunities to keep us ahead of the game.

Zuni has also provided as a separate piece on advice and support on ABC Music’s content planning strategy and templates which aims to educate and create a skill transfer between Zuni and the ABC Music team around content planning and how to continually optimise and monitor all the various content pieces across all of the digital channels.

We’re delighted with Zuni’s expertise and capabilities. Zuni are an extension of our digital marketing team and we look forward to strengthening our relationship in 2013.

If you’re interested in speaking to Zuni about this case study and how we could help your business, please get in touch.

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