Get Snuggified!

Snuggie fever continues!

A Snuggie you say? What of it? Imagine if a doona were to breed with a dressing gown, and bingo the result is a Snuggie!

The ‘innovative’ product was launched around October 2008, right when the economy had slowed to crawling pace, which, logically thinking should have also resulted in equally crawling sales. This however, was not the case! Instead, according to the man behind the Snuggie, Scott Boilen, president of Allstar Marketing Group, “It’s a tremendous value in today’s tough economic time. In this type of economy, people are looking for a value, and this is certainly a value at the price point. … People are staying home more, and it makes them feel good.” Otherwise known as cocooning, whereby individuals retreat into their home.

The doona x dressing gown has been around for some time now, according to an article published by Advertising Age it has experienced remarkable success beginning late 2008, ‘…with more than 4 million units sold in just over three months and more than 200 parody videos on YouTube.’ Since this was back in 2008, I thought I’d investigate how many results were now showing up on YouTube and pulled up 2, 450 results! One such parody video entitled ‘The WTF blanket’  has scored over 17 million hits alone.

If you’re so inclined, there is even a Snuggie fan club website . Snuggies are mocked and laughed at, by myself included, but this certainly did not stop me succumbing to the ‘movement’ and actually purchasing one! I’m most definitely not alone either, every person reading this is likely to know at least one person in possession of a snuggle suit (apparently its official name). Even the smallest amongst us have fallen prey to the Rolls Royce of dressing gowns.

Who says that advertising is dead? I just bought a zebra patterned; mutated version of a dressing gown for no good reason other than it seemed like a bit of a laugh. The origins of the notion that it ‘seemed like a bit of a laugh’ can only be attributed to me having seen the infomercial in the first place. Bringing me back to challenge anyone who thinks that advertising no longer has a place in today’s increasingly fragmented world.

So, has it been so glowingly successful because it provides economic efficiencies for the owners of the Snuggie? Or is it because everyone we know has got one so we immediately rush out, throw some cash down on a counter and wrap ourselves up in the latest trend?

Perhaps it’s none of these things. Perhaps it is purely because any product that offers us a moment of sheer amusement is a godsend.

So go on, get Snuggified!

‘If I am not allowed to laugh in heaven, I don’t want to go there.’ Martin Luther

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  1. Valentina Borbone

    errrhem, where is the photo of you in your Snuggie?

  2. Elise Cooper

    VAL! it’s very difficult to get a photo of myself in my snuggie..and i was torn between a shot with my zebra print one or the cheetah print..if your lucky i may take one this evening!

  3. Sarah Wright

    I have a Slanket, which was the original, protoyped in 1998. There’s also The Doojo, German version with integrated gloves. The Germans also do an electric version with four temperature settings!

    Other names include Toastie Wrap, The Cuddlee and The Dreamie.

    I think I like The Cuddlee the best 🙂

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