Cam Girl Barbie

Oh I’m just so sorry that I’ve found this in the first place. Aged for 6+ year old girls, Mattel have released Barbie Video Girl ” – a genuine Barbie doll, featuring a hidden webcam in her over-sized necklace. The latest doll due for sale in July is positioned as “unsuspecting people will not know that Barbie is watching their every move”, together with a USB connection above her backside and batteries in her legs.  Surely there isn’t anything worse than watching hours of childplay to determine if your little girl is doing the wrong thing whilst she plays or worse still, putting this in the hands of wrong-doers capturing images of children without their knowledge.

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  1. Samantha

    That is off. I can’t imagine a real use for the thing. Disturbing. Takes the offensiveness of Barbie to a whole new level – of course as I write this I am watching Barbie Diamond Castle with my 2yr old – god help us all!

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