Badges you’ve earned it

For someone who was in the Cubs (Cooking and Bob-a-job were my most famous badges I had on my sleeve) and we all know Foursquare rewards you with their badges which I love and with pictures now included I’m expecting 4Q to be even bigger this year –  all in all badges seem to be all the rage at the moment I came across this at the weekend. Give someone you know a little lift for the things they do with merit badges! The badges shown are for; ‘being drunk as a skunk’, ‘going out on a limb’, ‘having a bun in the oven’, and ‘bringing home the bacon’. There are plenty more badges available from Etsy seller leemeszaros.

We haven’t given out any ‘drunk as a skunk’ yet at Zuni but Val certainly gets a badge for ‘bun in the oven’ and maybe in the coming weeks they’ll be a few badges for ‘bringing home the bacon’ 🙂

There’s plenty of more badges in there, which one would you or your work colleagues be?  I do like ‘nutty as a squirrel’.



  1. Jason

    How about ‘stunned mullet’?

  2. kevin.ferry

    ‘Stunned mullet’ is a good one me like that – what about a Social Media Captain or no bullshit bingo king? oh this is fun we could go on forever

  3. Valentina Borbone

    Oh I love it! Yes please, I’ll have the “bun in the oven” and you sir need to take “bringing home the bacon”. I think we need to give Sarah “the dark horse” badge.

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