Awesome Content Creation Hacks that will keep you sane…

I was recently teaching a course on Digital Essentials for ADMA and the course was full of eager marketing professionals. One of the biggest challenges they bemoaned was the ever increasing demand for content. Marketing teams are squeezed to the max already, how are they supposed to keep up and keep generating innovative and engaging content?

Guys I hear you, so I’ve put together some content creation hacks that might just help.


If you have budget the easiest answer is to outsource your content creation, the following companies can assist:

  • a specialist content marketing and social media agency based here in Australia. They have offices in both Sydney and Melbourne and can assist with a wide variety of types of content creation.
  • with offices in Australia, UK, Asia and US. They are a bigger organisation, I haven’t worked with these guys so I don’t know how costly they are but they have been around for a while and certainly are at the top of their game.
  • I hear good things about Story(ation) an Aussie content creation company run by proper journalists. These guys are definitely worth talking to, especially if you are after thought leadership pieces, blog posts or web content.

Outsourcing on a small budget

If you are a smaller sized business or your budget is limited then try finding a content provider on one of the outsourcing sites. Fiverr as the name suggests allows you to find people willing to work for $5. People post all sorts of jobs that they are prepared to do, including writing between 1- 3 blog posts for $5. Quality is varied but I know several people who have been happy with the content produced by individuals on this site. Check the writers’ reviews first before choosing someone.

Quick Graphics with Canva

Want to create your own graphical social posts without having to go through to a graphic designer all the time? The solution is Canva. This graphics program is SO easy to use, you can upload your own images and logo or you can use any of the free images or backgrounds on the system to quickly and easily generate things like this:

Or you can use the ‘paid’ images and backgrounds available on Canva and it will cost you usually $1 a pop. Canva is an awesome tool for quick content creation, when you have mastered the basics you can start to get clever with the system. This is a great article with tips and videos for improving your Canva creations:


Content Ideas

Struggling to come up with good content ideas? Check out You will find the most shared content on the web that includes infographics, videos, articles, interviews etc. The content is sorted by date and popularity so it is easy for you to find out what sort of content gets lots of genuine attention.

Private Label Content

PLR (Private Label Rights) articles and blog posts are articles that have been written on particular subjects where you share publishing rights. Commonly you will buy a “pack” of articles, for example; Weight Loss or Exotic Travel Destinations. That pack of articles will be sold to a number of other publishers/sites. There could be up to 150 other sites purchasing that pack.

The keys to success with PLR articles:

  • Use a reputable PLR vendor
  • Look for companies that don’t sell to more than around 150 sites
  • Edit/customise the article

Editing the content is the most important thing, you need to take the article and put your own spin on it. With some moderate editing you can turn these into your own and you’ve just saved yourself heaps of time in content creation.

The best bit; these packs usually cost around $10 for 10 articles.

Check out I have used content from here, the base articles are not badly written and with some editing on top you can create some good stuff.

 Sharable Content

If you don’t mind having content on your site that links back to other people’s websites or blogs then there are plenty of articles you can choose from.

Some sites like will invite you to share the articles written there. The rule is that you must include the author bio and the links that they have in their article or bio.

There are many sites around the web that will allow you to do this. You can access some amazing articles this way. is a service designed specifically for you to share the articles in order to drive traffic for the authors or the products they mention in the articles.

If shareable content is something you might be interested in check out websites like tiny budda first before the more “salesy” approach of

So hopefully these are some time and money saving content creation hacks for you. Over to you, do you have an awesome content creation hack I haven’t listed that you’d like to share?

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