How taking the Google Analytics IQ test translates into eating mango pancakes

Data is king. There really is nothing like the power of data.

Data is just waiting for us to grab a hold of it, give it a shake, cut it up and stitch it together into something new, shiny, and ultimately insightful.

Us Zunites began an internal initiative to do the Google Analytics Individual Qualification (IQ) test in order to have a better understanding of limitations and opportunities Google Analytics has to offer our knowledge hungry souls! Google Analytics has a lot to yield in terms of trending data, if you are willing to delve a little deeper.

So delve a little deeper we did. With 25 presentations spoken in a strong American accent under our belts, we began to tackle the test itself!

This really is no mean feat. A 1.5 hour test, jam packed with 70 multiple choice questions that you really cannot hope to ‘wing.’

Previously the passing score was 75%, and in an effort to ‘raise the bar’ (please interpret as Google Analytics trying to scam more money out of the many people who will now fail) it is now a passing score of 80%.

Therefore I would not recommend diving straight into this one without building a solid understanding of Google Analytics and its various facets first (regular expressions still haunt me).

Low and behold we actually passed and learnt something in the process!

As a prize to those who have successfully completed the IQ test, we decided Yum Cha would be a nice reward! As you can see from the picture below, Elise Cooper (me), Valentina Borbone and Sarah Wright have all passed the test with flying colours. We then proceeded to stuff ourselves silly with the legendary mango pancakes!

The test itself really opens your eyes to the possibilities that Google Analytics has to offer to help track and optimise your website. While the data is not always entirely accurate, and has a 24 hour lag, it’s a brilliant trending tool and gives you a good solid base to begin optimising your website against.

If you’re not using Google Analytics on your own website, then you’re well behind the curve. Although having it is not enough, you need to be diving into the data minefield and plucking out little insights that will help you optimise and improve.

Have you completed the Google Analytics IQ test?


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