The future of apps

By Valentina Borbone as published in the ADMA blog

As apps reach a stage of maturity for both brands and consumers alike, marketers need to be far more strategic in their offerings to achieve the cut through in our cluttered app market.

Having an app is as common as a Facebook page, however, the plethora of choice means it’s pretty easy for consumers to switch off and move on if apps aren’t meeting the mark. Our app engagement levels have actually increased, which is great news, yet 20% of apps are still only being used just once, leaving plenty of room for improvement. If we’re going to survive the app race, then brands need to think one step ahead, to the Super App.

Super apps are a combination of apps that collectively offer a supreme service and utility to consumers. I’ve been thinking of my own amazing Super apps and wonder why they don’t exist, (or do they?). For instance, think about this app combination:

Supreme Diabetic Management

iBGStar measures your blood sugar and medication levels, determining nutrition levels
FoodSwich from BUPA determines which products are best for dietary control (and equally should give a discount on better food choices if you’re insured by them!)
Woolworths Everyday Rewards automatically adds FoodSwitch items to the shopping list and makes recipe recommendations for diabetics
Nutritional Management

RunKeeper measures your exercise input and outputs
CalorieKing determines your nutrient intake for to match your exercise energy requirements
Dating Help

How about RSVP to find you a suitable date
Now add in Urban Spoon to get a mutually agreeable location for your first date drinks, dinner, café or whatever (the cinema is banned here!)
Surely you have a Super app of your own? What Super app would change your world today? I bet there are loads of suggestions, I can’t wait to hear them!


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