Better Targeting is Better Marketing

If you caught Mike on Mumbrella last week giving it his all for behavioural targeting, then you can hear an echo from AddictiveMobile from the UK talking about loyalty & churn in the mobile market, questioning a better experience because the ads are useful. I couldn’t agree more and if Telstra could just listen for a minute, they wouldn’t waste their time telling me anything about sport. Save your 75c MMS Telstra and tell someone who cares. We’re never going to have “year of the mobile”, I’ve a history with mobile dating back to 2001 and The Sydney Morning Herald were sold Year of the Mobile back then – get on with it, try it out, test & learn – it seems so cliche but does anyone actually think to just well get out there and try it? Sounds like social media and yet so many have jumped on that bandwagon. Put the 2 together – how many people use social media on their mobile? Good stuff AddictiveMobile.


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