Best of Me Digest – 2/11/11

Whilst I’m chuffed that 14 people voted for my video intro, I’ve taken the hint that perhaps I’m actually better in written form and I’ll throw in the occassional vid. It was really quite nerve racking. Not so harsh on the nerves was our Melbourne Cup celebration at Cargo Bar (yes, we are hanging onto our youth). Hopefully you backed the winner. I just love the hype of a 3 min race and the unofficial half day off work. What did you do for Melbourne Cup? Perhaps you can share your good ideas for next year…

Celebrating Melbourne Cup at Cargo Bar

Zuni Update


The last 4 weeks have seen Zuni secure a raft of new business which includes developing digital strategies within

healthcare, Subscription TV, FMCG and an Australian Shopping Centre group.

We were also lucky enough to have Jen Wilson from The Project Factory come and present the latest & greatest in mobile, location, online health improvement, transmedia & most impressive of all, gamification. Our clients are welcomed to join us for ZUNI UNI – our weekly internal education sessions, so feel free to express your interest and I’ll put you on the list.

Jacki has also upped her Klout score with a popular guest post on Styling You, where she has compared the profile of an Australian blogger with global bloggers. You’ll be quite surprised at the differences!

How Bad is the US Debt?


There’s no doubt we all love data porn and this in particular tickled me a little. It’s hard to imagine just how much money it takes to create an economy and this lovely infographic brings the US Debt situation to life. Perhaps in so many ways it’s a little bit confronting.

NFC Taps Into Transport


If you haven’t heard of NFC it’s time for a quick catch up. Near Field Communication allows for simplified transactions, data exchange, & wireless connections between two devices in close proximity to each other, usually by no more than a few centimeters – think making payments by smartphone. With the Commonwealth Bank’s announcement of their NFC platform in market, we’re going to start seeing a multitude of uses arise. In Taiwan, you can now order & pay for your taxi trips using the new technology. I predict NFC to be the buzz word for 2012.

Online Checkout – the real deal


If you haven’t laid your eyes on this funny one as yet, it’s worth the giggle. After years of online passwords, sign ups & user names, this little video is all too accurate at what an online checkout experience is like. Super cute.

Urban Farming Goes Retail


I love that the inner city suburbs of Sydney dedicate public spaces to local community garden initiatives. Taking this to the next level is a UK based organisation who is trying to convert an empty retail unit into the world’s first farm in a shop. FARM:shop plan to have chicken coops on the roof, fish tanks outside the shopfront, and also grow fruit and vegetables inside the shop. But it doesn’t stop there – downstairs a cafe will serve up dishes using all the produce grown and the whole space will be available to hire for events and parties, and all profits will go back into their farming outreach programme. Brilliant!

Top 5 Mobile Apps


There’s a list a week of the best apps in market, and out of this top 5 list, my fave has to be the MobiFace app. It takes shopping to a whole new level by giving consumers to opportunity to see what they would look like with different clothes or make-up via in-store kiosks, online, and mobile apps. The body mapping technology detects the contours of your body and aligns the products to make them look realistic. Based on our research, Aussie consumers would adopt this technology in a heartbeat (as I surely would).

Dog-A-Like Application


It’s no secret I’m an animal supporter so all things “dog” tend to grab my attention. As did this gorgeous application from Pedigree to support the Adoption Drive program this year. On the basis that dogs look like their owners (see one of my dogs here), the application matches rescue dogs to your pretty face. Apparently we all look like a horse, rat or bear – but in this case you can even be a dog. Awesome.

Manage Your Own Soccer Team


I rarely review anything to do with sport, but this is too good to pass up. It’s ultimate crowdsourcing – the Mexican Murcielagos FC soccer team reportedly has no coach or trainer – it’s managed entirely by its fans. All key decisions are posted for fans to vote on via online or text, including tactics and team configuration, player selection and in-game substitutions. I’m starting to wonder if we could apply crowdsourcing to political decisions.

Older Consumers Overlooked in Digital Strategies


Working within pharma you get asked a lot about the older generation’s use of online. The latest Sensis e-Business report identifies that many businesses are failing to factor in the older folk (well, not so old in my eyes) – mobile web use has grown in the older age groups, with almost half of Australians in their 40s connecting via mobile and 1/3 of those in their 50s. One of the most compelling reasons for small businesses to consider mobile activities is that 12% of consumers purchasing online have made purchases using a mobile. Surely we will never classify 40 as old, unless your under 21?


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