Dynamic Instore Pricing, Spotify for Food and Bitstrips

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It’s nice to be back! With everyone at Zuni having a go at writing the newsletter, I’ve found I’ve missed having a chat with you all. I’ve been in the background learning new things, like face painting (that’s my son, William the Tiger), and I need your help in deciding what I paint on Mike’s face (I’ll be doing the whole office), so please help us decide!

On a serious note though, we hosted our inaugral ZEN: speed dating X guided discussions, where our guests chose the subjects they were most keen on discussing with their peers – our most senior clients. It was a great night, and everyone walked away with a tailored shirt from Shirt Bar. We’re already planning our forthcoming events for 2014 and looking forward to another quirky theme.


Dynamic Electronic Pricing In-Store

I’m fascinated by what techology is doing to our consumer behaviour, and as an avid shopper, this is up there with the best. DIY store B&Q (UK) is trialling new price tags that will scan a phone’s chip to retrieve loyalty & purchase data – adapting to times of day and personalising the price dynamically. As consumers become more tech-savvy, this is really within our expectations – and if you don’t keep up, brands may find themselves irrelevant, according to Ovum.

Wearable Barcode Scanner

If you’ve ever thought that you’d be able to beat a grocery check-out person on the scanner, then perhaps you need to give it a go yourself, because it’s harder than it looks! In an effort to time-save, there is now a thimble-like barcode scanner that checks-out groceries faster. With significantly less effort to swipe your finger over a barcode than using a hand-held device, it will be interesting to see if this gets the Woolies roll-out.

Spotify’s Music for your Food

Now I understand the desire to create playlists for moods, but selecting tunes to match the food of your dish is stretching it a little. The Supper app switches things in reverse – you browse through the app’s menu for dishes to try and the entire track list is shown on the recipe page. They’re currently accepting new submissions to add to the current menu of recipes. I’m not sure any recipe is going to recommend a Nick Cave song, is it?

Social Media’s Fragmentation

There are plenty of reasons to feel overwhelmed by the social media landscape. We tend to love having a choice, but don’t want too many options. If you’re already feeling claustrophobic, then perhaps The Conversation Prism isn’t for you. On the other hand, you might be a prime candidate for Whisper. Elise’s blog explores social media’s fragmentation with some cold hard facts to keep you on the edge of your social seat.

Are you a victim of Bitstrips?

It’s the latest social media craze, and it may well have been blocking up your news feed over recent weeks. 11 million users can’t be wrong – that many having downloaded Bitstrips since its launch. It’s as silly as creating an avatar of yourself and your friends and placing it in comic situations. Sounds very teenage doesn’t it? With more than 1,000 templates to choose from, it’s only going to get worse, this is the new Facebook status post. I wonder how brands might use this? Be warned.

UK Pharma Code under review

It’s been a long time coming, but it’s great to hear that the ABPI Code of Conduct, regulating the advertising of medicines for prescription to health professionals and administrative staff, is calling for industry input on how it can evolve in relation to digital. A report from 3-Monkeys reveals a big knowledge gap for pharma marketers, which has resulted in a lack of investment in social media through fear of regulation. It need not be this way, and a change in regulation is a pretty good place to start!

Google’s real-time Big Data analysis

Google has recently announced a new option to stream data straight into the cloud and analyse it in real time. Yep, imagine that. Their platform, BigQuery enables you to store data as it comes in, rather than building and maintaining systems just to cache and upload in batches. The new data is available for querying instantaneously, and it’s also FREE until 1 January 2014. For all you geeks out there, go get ’em. I’d love to hear from an analyst using it!

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