YouTube Encore

I had such a good response to the YouTube post that I thought you may enjoy a little encore of YouTube greats that didn’t make the first cut. It was such a difficult list to cull in the first place so hopefully you’ll have a giggle at these.

A contribution from Mike here, Hitler’s Downfall. The parodies that are contained here are quite funny, particularly the parody that the actual parodies have been removed from YouTube. Too many parodies in that sentence for me.

Then there’s Ken Lee from Bulgarian Idol. I can’t believe I left this one off the first list. Truly the best rendition of a Mariah Carey song I’ve ever heard.

I think this may be a little over done, but Jill & Kevin’s Big Day, or better known as the JK Wedding Dance, had me wanting to jump out of my seat and be a part of it. But I have seen a few choreographed weddings before, just not walking (or dancing) down the aisle.

If you haven’t yet experienced Chat Roulette then I suggest you at least find out what it’s all about (WARNING: the site may contain 8/10 male appendage images). I didn’t think I’d find something as entertaining as this on such a site, but this Piano Man is just brilliantly talented. Sarah also wrote a very interesting post on Chat Roulette which made me re-think what’s appropriate or not – and now after reading her post, I tend to agree with her.

Lastly, my latest favourite from Chokito’s NO NO NO campaign. The TV executions are pretty good value, but this online viral had me in stitches. It’s been a long time since I’ve been out clubbing though I’m so pleased that the experience is exactly the same.  It made me buy a Chokito last week in my Coles check out.


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