Worlds Collide

It’s been blogged about aplenty, but I still want to have my say.

4  years ago I managed a team of under 25s which were addicted to MySpace and Facebook. As a line manager back then, I was pretty conscious of the time-wasting going on every day and had to constantly address it with the girls. Then I joined Profero and realising I didn’t have the digital assets I should have had for the role, I signed myself up. I became one of them.

Clients became ex-clients but also became friends, from their mobile number on your SIM card to your e-database, Facebook page and Twitter account. They call me on Skype, use my Hotmail, connect on LinkedIn and link to my Delicious. Suddenly, I realised my status updates were starting to cross the line.

Does my longest mate from school want to know about the Johnsons&Johnsons More Loving Moments I receive, does my client-friend really need to know how much I play Farmville and should my family in England be exposed to me having a localised bad day?

Seemingly, my personal world and my professional world are colliding. In fact, they’ve already collided. I once used Facebook as a bit of an off the cuff way to saying hello to the world and when people started noticing it a little too much, I shied away. Just another censored medium really.  I now believe that my 20 years of handwritten journal is really the only perfectly honest place that I can be.

Do I have the right to feel like I’m being socially-censored or am I self-censoring out of paranoia? I do feel concerned that my client-friend will frown on my parenting skills if our opinions clash (ie should I have given Angelique Children’s Panadol 2 days in a row to help teething pain? I mean, it’s a scientific miracle that saved me). Is it the idea of being judged that I don’t like? Or is it the idea of being judged by someone who doesn’t know me intimately? Or indeed, perhaps my family know me intimately and I still feel judged!  It’s killing me.

A great rendition here from Kevin Ferry, Creative Director at Bullseye.

Mike Zeederberg
Mike Zeederberg
Mike Zeederberg is the Managing Director and joint owner of Zuni and oversees the development and delivery of most client strategic work.

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