Will Messenger Bots and Spotify Playlists change your marketing plans?

The $200 billion chatbot disruption

A few weeks ago, our favourite Zuckerberg outlined how Facebook is embracing chatbots through letting them access the
Messenger app. What this essentially means is that now, you can interact with an AI powered rep from a business on Messenger.  To understand how chatbots will influence the way businesses interact with customers, is to compare a contemporary customer service experience to that of a chatbot experience. Today’s real time customer support options are based on voice, web-based chat, or Google search. If you go via the ‘Dial 1800’ option it often takes you 8-9 steps to reach a conclusion. Now, compared to the Chatbot experience all you do is open the Messenger app and search for the business name using its handle, start the conversation & receive rich media feedback; be this in the form of images, text and hyperlinks. Chatbots offer a standardised way to connect with businesses reducing the complexity of finding the contact info for a company. More importantly, by integrating with the users’ Facebook identity, Chatbots allow for automatic verification of personal information. Scary but exciting times ahead!

Spotify’s Soundtrack Your Brand

Along with its consumer subscription business, in the US Spotify has launched its Soundtrack Your Brand that streams music in business locations. It is now working with McDonald’s as the provider of streaming music services across the fast food giant’s footprint of more than 36,000 restaurants and other venues.  The advantage of venturing into the B2B music streaming space is that the analytics gathered on how music or other audio services is streamed can be of great value.

The 6 pillars of B2B Customer Experience

In a survey of 266 B2B marketing professionals across North America and Europe, only 14% of large B2B organisations are truly consumer centric. So, what do B2B firms need to do to deliver a truly differentiated customer experience?  The first step in customer experience excellence is to be committed to satisfying customers and making them feel valued. The second pillar revolves around fulfillment. It comes down to truly understanding and delivering on customer needs rather than selling the company’s products and services. The next 3 pillars revolve around ensuring there’s a seamless experience, timely responsiveness and proactively anticipating the customer needs prior to issues being raised. The final step revolves around evolution; make improvements to the customer experience as customer needs, attitudes, and behaviors change over time.

Ad Viewablity: the implications

If a television ad ran for less than a second, without sound, and was partly or completely obscured on the screen, you could safely assume the advertiser would want their money back. However, what if this happens on digital channels? These scenarios are quite common and the majority of ad impressions fail to even achieve these basic requirements for viewability. Using the US Media Rating Council (MRC) standard for viewability, Integral Ad Science’s (IAS) latest Media Quality Report for Australia found that only 42 % can be classed as viewable. Kelloggs have adopted a guaranteed minimum viewability level as a mean to tackle this.


Bits & Pieces

  • In Brazil, mosquito trapping billboards are put up in a bid to reduce the prevalence of mosquitos in the area.
  • A world with Donald Trump as the US president is something that looks quite real. The Boston Globe envisioned this world and ran a mock front page.
  • YouTube has launched its paid video and music service, YouTube Red, in Australia and New Zealand. It’s the first market in the list after service was made available in the USA.
  • Have a look at some other fresh social media case studies on  Twitter, Instagram and WhatsApp here.


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