Why you might need a new Facebook sharing strategy

"Sharing" by Toban Black

We all know that audience engagement is the key to Facebook success, and previously brands and businesses were reliant on their fan base collected through Likes to engage in conversations. But recently Facebook made a few subtle changes that could have big impact and make your brands sharing strategy.

The key Facebook changes to post & Page interaction are:

  • Now anyone can see and interact with your Facebook Page content whether they have Liked your page or not. Both fans and non-fans of your Facebook Page can share and comment on your posts.
  • Facebook has extended the character limit for posts and we now have 5,000 characters to play with.
  • The Share button was previously only there if you posted an image, video or a link but now it is there for every status update too.
  • Facebook has introduced frictionless sharing which basically means that your actions on Facebook are shared automatically and you no longer have to choose to share them.

What does this mean for brands & businesses?
Sharing is the name of the game. The share button is a much more active form of endorsement than the Like button ever was and creates a much larger potential for your posts to get greater reach. Facebook treats the use of the Share button in the same way it does a Status Update and it’s more likely to get you viral visibility in the Facebook news feed.

So now more than ever before, businesses and brands need to embrace the fact that they are a content publisher. You’ll want to be including an image, video or link with every post in order to maximize your EdgeRank score. Creating content that is worth sharing will get more people engaging with your brand and will grow your fan base.

Top tips for getting more people to Share your content

  • Look at what others are sharing the most and people are responding well to for content inspiration.
  • Make your posts personal, but don’t word a post too much in the first person. Use “you” in preference to “I” to maximise your posts shareability
  • Ask people to share your content. Seems obvious, but actually asking people to do it will increase shares by upwards of 20%
  • Let people know you are grateful for them sharing your content by thanking them with a Like or comment. People are more likely to come back and share again if you acknowledge them.

Personal users – Beware Frictionless sharing
A little piece of advice for those of you concerned about privacy on Facebook. Apps now only have to ask permission once to share stories on your behalf. Once you authorize the apps they automatically share your activity with your Facebook friends. Reading a news article via Yahoo News app, listen to a tune via Spotify and your Facebook friends will see that activity live as it happens in the Facebook ticker. Your not choosing what to share here, Facebook is sharing your actions anyway. So think carefully about what you do in Facebook as we’re all now watching!

What do you think?
I’ve noticed a lot more sharing going on in my Facebook newsfeed since the changes have been introduced, and I’ve even decided I quite like the Facebook Ticker. What do you think of the recent changes to Facebook & sharing?



  1. Nikki @ Styling You

    I’ve got used to it. I like the ticker (makes it feel like Twitter 😉 and now the news feeds is adjusted again so you can choose “highlighted stories first” or “choose by regency” it suits the way I like to dip into Facebook. I’m also interacting on my Facebook page differently after hearing you talk at the Beauty Directory event in July. Much better results.

  2. Donna

    Fantastic Post Jacki – this is so important for businesses to know as the game has definitely changes as far as what boosts visibility in the newsfeed and the “share” function has become so much more important. I will definitely be sharing :o)

  3. jacki.james

    Thanks for your comments Donna 🙂

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