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When most people think of social networks, they think of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or similar sites, but there are many other types of social networks popping up on the web. Some of the fastest growing networks are designed specifically for education. These sites allow people to learn in a social context through discussion, file sharing, and collaboration. Here are some sites that I came across which I like.

LearnCentral – LearnCentral is an open environment that is half social network and half learning community. The site can be used to create courses, host meetings, connect with other education enthusiasts, and find learning resources

Udemy encourages members to teach and learn online using the site’s many free tools and applications. Members can create their own online courses or search for courses that have been created and posted by other people.

Edmodo creating free online tools for the education community. The first one is a communications tool for schools, teachers, students, and parents for use in classroom. I really like this one – I have joined as teacher and set up our Zuni Uni group to knowledge and ideas

SlideBoom – Share live powerpoint presentations is a free service for sharing PowerPoint presentations on the web. Everyone can publish their slideshows for business, education, entertaining and just fun. The membership is free. Like Slideshare but I like this as you can have a closed presentation within your group or class- also a great way for many students to upload assignments in the cloud so they never get lost- so you can’t say the ‘dog ate my homework’

Livemocha is the largest social network for language learners. The site has more than 6 million members who help each other learn English, Spanish, French, Hindi, German, and Mandarin Chinese.

This is just a few I came across.

You at the back, any more suggestions?


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