Moccona “Me Time” Experience

By Valentina Borbone

I should start with full disclosure. My day job is in marketing. My full time role is a consumer. Sometimes it’s difficult to draw the line between the two because I really am a combination of both. I’m also part of a community word of mouth network, The Contagious Network. As a consumer, if I qualify for any of the campaigns they are managing, I may be asked to be involved, as such, I was successful in being a participant in the Moccona “Me Time” Experience.

You see I buy Moccona for my home coffee and also the office coffee. We have a rule in our household that whoever does the grocery shopping, has to buy at least one new product per shopping adventure, otherwise we’ll never try anything new – which resulted in my last two Moccona purchases being from the Gourmet Range. I purchased the purple label, Exotic, and it’s delicious. Naturally, I’ve noticed the new flavours on the supermarket shelf and viola, I’m now part of the opportunity to experience these flavours through “Me Time”.

As a marketer, I was really interested to see how the “experience” would be executed. As a consumer, I couldn’t wait to try the new flavours – Hazelnut, Caramel and Vanilla. I’m a bit of a Vanilla fiend, (vanilla candles, vanilla perfume, vanilla body wash etc) but I was disappointed with my first vanilla cuppa made by a colleague in the office. Not enough coffee, too much milk. Second cup was lovely though, quite a smooth vanilla infusion and subtle enough not to be too sweet (I’m diabetic, I can’t do sweet).  The afternoon break was a Caramel cup, with a little extra sugar I could have classified it as dessert, it was delicious and just the right amount of Caramel to keep me coming back for another. I’m not a chocolate-head, so I left Hazelnut till last. Big mistake. The rest of the office had already put Hazelnut at the top of their list and I could see why – it’s the best flavour of the bunch. There’s something not-so-hazelnut about it, which is what made it so good. In an office of 8 coffee drinkers, Hazelnut is nearly cactus whereas Caramel is 3/4 full. Will I buy one of these flavours as part of my next grocery shop? Absolutely – Hazelnut by the large jar please.

So the marketing side of me now kicks in and actually looks at what Moccona’s asking me to do. First, I was sent the 3 full-sized jars, together with 5 daily envelopes, each with a surprise of how to enjoy your Moccona, complete with “me time”.

Day 1:  Woman’s Day magazine. Delightful page flick in front of the tele that night.

Day 2:  Treat yourself and relax

Day 3:  A quiz – which celebrity are you? Turns out I’m Cate Blanchett

Day 4: Nail Polish!

Day 5:  A Find A Word!

With two exclamation marks, that’s a pretty good sign that I was happy with the contents – mostly because the qualifying survey asked me questions about things I like, which clearly qualified me. The quality of the inserts was amazing. Lovely high quality glossy papers, individually sealed with a kiss envelopes, intrigue-generating goodness. All I was asked to do was capture “Me Time” moments by posting photos, writing blogs or reviews and telling my friends. With two small children, Me Time is pretty limited and pretty darn precious to me. I did post my excitement on Facebook, but at the end of the day, how much do my friends really care about the coffee I drink? Probably enough to go and try Hazelnut, but not enough to want to read a post every few days. My Twitter followers are 50/50. Woman’s Day magazine got a work out through, readership of 7 for the circulation of 1. Would I share my nail polish pictures? Ah… I don’t think so, but I will tell my friends how cool it was to polish my nails at work.

I started to look around on the Moccona Facebook page for other posts, and the usual suspects were there, post everything, make any comment, all in the vain of winning a prize. Perhaps it’s my competition management history (I used to run 300 promotions a month for organisations and I’ve seen every prize pig you can imagine) that’s made me cynical. I’m curious to know if this promotional activity has actually increased sales for the brand. Personally, I think yes.

I was actually surprised and delighted by several things in the campaign roll out. What makes this so amazingly good compared to the thousands of promotions I’ve been involved in previously?

  • The product actually delivers on the flavours it promises – very important.
  • The pre-screening questionnaire delivered the goods in the daily envelopes – all items totally relevant to my age group and my lifestyle. Research your audience and then use that information.
  • The package that arrived was packed beautifully and made you feel special, as if it were a present, not a promo pack. It created excitement, interest, ENGAGEMENT.
  • There wasn’t a “win this” component doing the driving of the campaign work, the campaign stood on it’s own two feet.
  • Sampling is one of the best possible ways to generate word of mouth, stat. It’s effective because it’s genuine. If people like things, they talk about it.

More importantly, I’ve had 8 people in my office regularly drinking the flavours and commenting daily on which they prefer, at what strength and with how much milk. Each of these 8 people have told someone else about Moccona’s Flavour Infused range. This is word of mouth afterall, and by indulging in their coffee each day, my work here is done.

This wasn’t just advertising, and it wasn’t just engagement. It was a well thought out, structured and customer-centric acquisition campaign that made a difference. Now if other brands could just take some notice and do something interesting based on the consumer, not the brand, what a happy advertising-filled world we’d live in.

Congratulations Contagious Network and Moccona, I’m really impressed with how this was all managed.




  1. tamar

    Valley your so funny ! Im gonna try it

  2. Valentina Borbone

    You have to Tamar, you’re going to really enjoy it, I promise you!

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