How to use Facebook Check-in Deals to drive foot traffic & generate awareness

When someone is using Facebook on a mobile device they can “check-in” to places they visit, tag friends who are with them, and see who else is at the same or nearby location. The great news for business is the viral visibility associated with each check-in. Check-ins take the hard work out of getting your brand in the Facebook news feed of your audience, by getting your customers to do it for you.

Brands & business can now encourage their customers to check-in to their branded Facebook place by rewarding them with a Facebook Check-in Deal, launched in Australia earlier this week. There are four types of Check-in deals to choose from:

Individual deals: simple one-time offers for both new & existing customers e.g. 20% off your purchase

Loyalty deals: reward your most loyal customers by creating high-value deals that can be claimed after a certain number of check-ins (no fewer than 2 and no more than 20). The viral alternative to your coffee shop loyalty cards.

Friend deals: deals for groups of up to 8 people when they check-in together. Make them great deals, because with multiple people involved they are likely to get you the most exposure.

Charity deals: incentivise check-ins by pledging donations to charity each time someone claims your deal.

Best practice tips for using Facebook Check-in Deals:

  • Offer your customers appealing deals that are worth sharing.
  • Keep it simple. Use simple language, a clear call-to-action, easy redemption process, and limit the terms & conditions.
  • Communicate the deal logistics & claim process with your customer facing staff before you launch your Check-in deals. You don’t want your Facebook wall to be full of people complaining about your deal because your staff weren’t up to speed.
  • Plan ahead for the negatrons & sticky situations. How do you handle customers who want to claim the deal once it has expired? How do you respond to existing customers when the deal is only for new customers? What about customers who don’t own smartphones? Be clear on what you expect from employees in handling these situations. Consider integrating some kind of check-in icon into each locations Facebook Place so that customers know they will get a deal if they check-in.
  • Make sure you have claimed & branded your Facebook Places to make it easy for your customers to correctly check-in to your Place.
  • Use your Facebook assets to promote your deals. Brands offering the same deal across all locations should use a Check-in Deals tab. Use your pages profile image to promote awareness of your Check-in Deals.



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