Fancy That – Top 10 Online Retailers

So it was only last night I posted that I saved my soul by shopping online at DealsDirect and today I’m reading my daily Smart Company news & found this lovely top 10 online retailers report, scoring DealsDirect the #1 position.  I’m not surprised really, and I tend to agree with the report that consumers are looking online for the bargain, but for the retailer, they have to have their operation roots sorted or they’ll fail due to poor margins.

It’s interesting to see that online retailers have accepted there is a place within social media for their offerings and are willing to embrace that.  With the impending facebook changes to remove the “fan page” and replace it with “like” instead, I think retailers have a challenge on their hands to make sure they remain relevant to their customers when they’re invading their personal space in a social environment.  There’s definitely a right and a wrong way to do things. Take this bunch of hoods as an example – the Ikea gift voucher scam on facebook. Why on earth would you attempt something like this without any thought for the consumer having to send this to all of their friends? The only smartness that came of this was Ikea communicating to their legitimate fans via social networks to spread the word of the fake Ikea page.

So happy online shopping,


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