Facebook as an e-commerce, undigitalized Australia …

Programmatic is not really a buzzword anymore?..

A recent survey shows a steady increase in B2B marketers using programmatic media platforms when planning and buying the ads. 33% of B2B media buyers\planners are spending more than 45% of their budget programmatically. It even has a significant impact on the current presidential campaign in the States as political candidates can discover and target new voters by identification of their insights and customisation of messages due to big data analysis involved in programmatic. As we can see, the key components of this format are getting more and more understandable for broader professional audiences and we are all getting the same benefits of data, media and technology blended in the programmable way. 


Is Facebook going to turn itself into e-commerce or retail middleman?

Partnering with different companies incl. IBM for example, the social network is trying to monetise their assets further and offering more sophisticated solutions to clients; such as its Store Locator feature aimed to get buyers into offline shops. Covering English-speaking markets, Facebook now partners with Aussie Quantium in order to provide measurable data and insights for advertisers on how Facebook ads are impacting in-store sales. Zuckerberg backs it up with enhanced payment strategy and it looks like all efforts and focus are bringing some good results as DPAs (Dynamic Product Ads) is considered a key factor in 86% of growth in social advertising spend.

ICT to lead the world and finance – Australia.

Google again been named the most valuable brand and even increased its value by 32% currently worth of $229B. Company pays huge attention to machine learning as well as advertising and cloud business. That’s probably why they managed to push Apple from the leader’s pedestal to second place. Interesting fact about the “down under” market is that financial brands are the strongest here with Commonwealth Bank in front and ANZ also in the list, while American ICT giants are leading the globe including Microsoft, and Facebook and Amazon as a first-time entrants in Top10.


Political marketing on spot. 

While Trump’s email marketing campaign shows the highest spam complaint rate, his brand empire is growing despite controversial image. You might laugh, but amazing business diversification – from wineries to fashion, jewellery and fragrances – just benefits from all this thrumpophilia. The Aussie political scene is also getting hot with political ads being behind of only automotive brands in terms of AUD spend. Digital accounts for 27.4% of the category’s media agency bookings compared to only 7.6% in the 2013 election campaign.

Digital transformation is yet to come to “down under”.

Australia mapNew Soft Power Index shows that Australia is stuck in the same place and basically there were not many improvements done during the last year to improve country brand and become more desirable for international audiences. Based on 7 aspects we are on the 6th place overall, behind all major English-speaking brothers & sisters and even Germany and France. In digital diplomacy area we even lost to Singapore staying on 7th place. One might get some thoughts when looking at recent SAP study that just proves only 3 out of 40 Aussie brands managed a positive digital experience. Can we/you do something to improve that?.. 


Bits & Pieces:

  • Twitter launches Emoji-based targeting and believe-it-or-not invests into SoundCloud.
  • New strong digital market player on Australian market. Wonder who it might be?
  • Equality comes to social as men and women are equally likely to share funny content and news on Facebook. You can get more useful “sharing” insights in brand fresh study and event implement them in your social or/and content strategy.
  • Struggling in making your B2B content more visible? Learn some useful tips and metrics for efficient content marketing.
  • How to increase effectiveness of your email marketing? Discover these 12 useful tips for outstanding subject lines.


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