Celebrating 5 Years of YouTube

In a short fortnight I’ll be celebrating my 3 month anniversary of going it alone. While I was putting the champagne in the fridge I spared a thought for YouTube who are celebrating a milestone of their own, 5 years. Looking back on 5 years of YouTube, I find myself smiling the whole way through remembering when I discovered each of these snapshots. It’s a nicely done collage.

This blog isn’t necessarily the “best of”, but these are some true classics that everyone should know about.

If it weren’t for YouTube we wouldn’t have Justin Bieber – if you don’t know who Justin Bieber is, this will fill you in. And if you’re wondering just how big he is check out this 3 year old girls reaction to the man himself.

An oldie but a goodie, Matt Harding dancing around the world in Where the Hell is Matt? 28 million views later – something so simple became a campaign for Visa and one mans adventure of a lifetime.

Speaking of dance…here’s the funniest stuff you’ll ever see – the Evolution of Dance. It’s the sort of video I watch just to put me in a good mood, I always laugh out loud – seems that might work for the other 144 million views too!

I didn’t really “get” this the first time I watched it because I thought it was part of a much bigger story. The Dramatic Prairie Dog is 5 seconds of brilliant animal acting.

Where’s Dexter? This is a really cute execution “Where’s Wally” style. The new series of Dexter incorporated an interesting use of the tagging technology available on YouTube. Fun the first couple of times, but does get boring quite quickly.

Not an ordinary gym class, one of the cleverest videos I think, I nearly wet my pants watching OK GO – Here it Comes Again. Highly addictive and leaves me wondering why I used to find a step class at the gym impossible. My favourite bit has to be the ice-skating and can’t you just imagine how funny a reel of outtakes would be! I didn’t think it could get better than this, but their next attempt – This Too Shall Pass is just as addictive.  You could watch this plenty of times and still not see every effect in it. LOVE IT.

Would you hug me? As a firm believer in the basic “pay-it-forward” principle, the Free Hugs Campaign is a nice start to repairing some of the worlds’ chipped shoulders.

Cat Conversations – being a dog lover I find it hard to empathise with a cat, but this little funny is a beautifully edited piece of animal conversation – it’s highly likely that this translation is accurate.

This agency used YouTube for creating its website. The simple story is effective in getting their point across and with the clever tools donated by YouTube (integration of video positioning, links between videos, referencing the YouTube interface) it certainly caught my attention. It’s a shame though that the interface changed and so now some of the creative is pointing to the wrong place – but I liked it enough to discover the site for myself without the need of a sketched arrow.

Lastly, a big thank you to YouTube for partnering with SOSO in 2009 for the Cyber Bullying Affects Real Lives Campaign. YouTube developed the channel, donated tens of hours in development time and let us do something that hadn’t been done before. We are so grateful to have YouTube as a partner to get the Webby Award Winning SOSO message out there in 2010.

Honorable mentions include: The sneezing panda, Chinese Backstreet Boys, Numa Numa Dance, and the earliest posting I remember of the Star Wars kid (which allegedly ruined the child’s life).


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