Best of Me Digest – 1/09/11

Get Upskilled at ADMA with 20% off
With the ongoing lack of available digital talent that knows what they’re doing, there’s no greater time to get upskilled in this fast-changing environment with the Digital Marketing Certificate from ADMA. As a Zuni subscriber, you can get a whopping 20% off when booking online by using the promotional code “Tutor Discount”. Get in now as numbers are limited and registration closes this week.

Qantas Cops Twitter Backlash
Sorry people, but this is becoming ridiculous. The recent flack Qantas copped for a feel-good competition winner is just rubbish. Some snotty-nosed idiot thinks they can start a racism war over some fun pictures – which ultimately were just depicting what we all see – a difference in colours. Racism is the belief that there are inherent differences in people’s traits and capacities that are entirely due to their race. For goodness sake, Radike Samo does look like the dress ups (or should I say vice versa) – so how on this green earth does someone think it’s racism? All this caused by Twitter? Get a grip! Qantas have no need to make an apology.

Play Your Part – National Child Protection Week
National Child Protection Week, 4 -11 September, gives us a chance to spread a message of safety and support through NAPCAN. You can subscribe to receive resources for display in your community, including a banner for your website. As my heart lays heavy for Daniel Morcombe, any amount of speaking out and raising questions has to do some good. Please do what you can.

The Web in 60 Seconds
This is a lovely infographic of what the web exchanges in a mere 60 seconds. Packed with stats such as about 168 million emails are sent, over 600,000 search queries are made and 1500+ blog posts are published.

Are Flashmobs dead?
According to Mumbrella, yes they are. I think it all comes down to how well they are executed, and this article highlight’s Tim’s top 10 worst ones. The Bondi Pizza one is pretty cringe-worthy, well, most of them are really. If you want it to go viral, make it interesting at least.

Tired of Planking?
When I first heard of planking I thought “oh my gosh how old am I?” – what an utterly stupid concept. I failed to find any humour in it, but these at least are actually funny – Leisure Diving and Horse Manning. The team at Zuni dug these beauties up and I think they’re beautifully put together – and so much funnier than coning or owling.

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