Best of Me Digest – 28/11/11

I figure that you shouldn’t really bag an idea unless you’ve tried it. There’s nothing worse than hearing someone over dinner say “ohh, I won’t like that” when they haven’t even attempted a small taste before. Being Greek, I’ve faced that plenty of times. So after a year of giving it to Foursquare, I’ve registered and well, my OCD is in good health, I’m finding anything and everything to check-in to – but for very little reward, in fact, no reward. In the meantime, I’m pleased to reward Zuni subscribers with some check-in-less freebies below.

This Pooch is Made for Walking


I’m a big fan of the Pedigree Adoption Drive and now the UK has introduced a nice feature – the virtual dog walk . It’s quite clever, allowing users to take a real-life rescue dog on a virtual walk around the web. The neat part is everyone who has a website or a blog can host a campaign MPU on their site to help raise awareness and show their support. For every completed journey, Pedigree will be making a £1 donation until the £100,000 target is reached. As I learnt at Calmsley Hill City Farm on the weekend, Australia euthanased 126,000 dogs in the last 12 months. Help save a life.

12 Year Old App Developer


You don’t have to be a parent to appreciate how clever kids are. Enter 12 year old Thomas Suarez who created his own app and convinced his parents to fork out the fee to get it into the App Store. Watching him on stage gave a whole new meaning to confidence – with his iPad in hand and I’m assuming limited speaking experience, if he’s not the school captain I’ll be surprised. I love his raw approach and community spirit.

Unlock Doors With Lockitron


Keyless car entry isn’t anything new, but have you thought about keyless beachhouse entry? Lockitron is a service enabling any smartphone user to unlock a pre-configured door from up to 15 feet away. You can also allow other smartphone users temporary access by sending them an invitation – think builders getting access for a limited time or access could be distributed to party guests for one night only (could have saved Corey Worthington a whole lot of trouble). Don’t have a smartphone? No drama – you can send a text invite to open doors too. A great tool for a unique party entry, the Smirnoff Secret Party or the likes would be pretty cool.

25 Brilliant Facebook Brand Pages


I’m asked regularly for examples of great Facebook Brand pages and eConsultancy have collated 25 of the best right here for you. From auto to retail, kids to IT and overpriced jewellery, there’s plenty to learn from these gurus getting it oh so right.

Do Your Toys Play When You’re Out?


I used to think that my bedroom came alive when I was young, that my toys would rally together and have their own tea party. When Toy Story came to town I really believed it very possible.  All these years later this gorgeous Google Street View stop motion animation just delighted me. I could watch this over and over. I could have shed a tear when the sunset dropped.

Google Changes


Two big changes to Google in recent weeks have caught my attention. The first is the placement of PPC ads – moving them from the right hand side to the bottom of the page. Google is well known for trialing new things all the time, so I’m sure if it fails we’ll find it right back where we expect it. The second change is that Google now encrypts up to 33% of search referral data . Google Analytics can be difficult to work out at the best of times, so I’m grateful to eConsultancy for their wicked blog in layman’s terms. So if you think something is amiss in your last report, you may well just be right.

ebay Store Front


Just when you thought the online entity couldn’t really do anything different, they created a shop front in NYC, complete with QR codes so you could track your items online. It’s quite popular on Facebook.


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